BrazilianThe Brazilian Who’s Buying Up All the World’s Vinyl Records

The interns can collectively catalog about 500 records per day — a Sisyphean rate, as it happens, because Freitas has been burying them with new acquisitions. Between June and November of last year, more than a dozen 40-foot-long shipping containers arrived, each holding more than 100,000 newly purchased records. Though the warehouse was originally the home of his second business — a company that provides sound and lighting systems for rock concerts and other big events — these days the sound boards and light booms are far outnumbered by the vinyl.



Crime (Israel) and punishment (Russia)
By Pepe Escobar

Then there are the black boxes, which will not de decoded by the Malaysians or by the Dutch, but by the Brits – acting under Washington’s orders. As The Saker blogger summed up the view of top Russian specialists, “the Brits will now let the NSA falsify the data and that falsification will be coordinated with the SBU in Kiev which will eventually release the recordings who will fully ‘confirm’ the ‘authenticity’ of the NSA-doctored recordings from the UK.” To make it more palatable, and erase suspicions about Anglo-American foul play, the Dutch will announce it. Everyone should be forewarned.

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  1. i think augustus caesar was a better emperor than julius caesar. julius was moron flamboyant, and a brilliant general. in a political move, augustus had one of his former mentors, cicero, the famous orator, killed. only sulla was better.

  2. on ukraine, i hope those CIA and state dept. assholes know what they’re doing. the russians are not as gullible as the american sheeple.

  3. maybe it’s just the negative, conspiracist in me, but am i the only one that smells a rat on bringing ebola virus-infected people to the USA? i mean, what’s up with that? there’s no way it could have gotten here other than this officially-sanctioned way.

    if i’m correct, then the next announcement will concern an “unfortunate accident” that the officials didn’t consider, which spreads that shit. i wanna be wrong, too paranoid, etc. still, WTF? why can’t they just study it on site?

  4. It’s not just you doom. Mrs. Remus is in microbiology and when I pointed out an article on the infected people actually being flown back to the US her response was a resounding W.T.F. are they thinking?!?

    That these medical people are infected tells me the infection vector has changed/mutated.

  5. recall “they” were fucking around with some virus in Mexico not long ago. that’s about the first time we thought dave’s prayers may have been answered.

    i think it’s “safe” to say that folks are working on dave’s prayers being answered. it’s all too convenient a cover to say they want to learn how to stop it from spreading/mutating when that’s exactly what they’re trying to achieve. just invert the research effort’s results.

    germ warfare has been around since at least WWI time. ironically, the 1918 spanish flu did in moron people than all of WWI combined. microbiology. dunno.

  6. ha! it’s even older than that. recall the smallpox-inflected buffalo blanket “gifts” to the indians. the romans used to try poisoning the drinking water by dumping dead horses down wells, etc. long history of germ warfare.

  7. I keep telling her she needs to refresh her old skool micro skillz and prep some EMP proof/resistant equipment to take her pee & poop sample schtick on the road. I’ll chauffeur and provide IT, comms and security.

    Cue deer in the headlights.

    Hey, I tried.

  8. You do have a bug-out notebook, tablet or smart phone, without battery installed in a Faraday bag, right? An HF HAM radio, no battery installed, Faraday bag? Ditto NV of some type? Cause, you know, when theys no light pollution, its dawk. Really dawk. Like in flyover, or the rez.

  9. PS, the smart phone is not for making calls, it’s for the computing power. But hey, you might get lucky – NSA might still be on the line.

    *snort* one ringy-dingy…

  10. i have a dumb phone. it makes and receives calls, also text. i read text, but don’t type it. if moron folks did like me, they’d still be breathing and wondering WTF to do next.

    not move to California, that’s for sure:

    OTOH, i try to keep my laptop as smart as possible. so, you’re thinking EMP. being in flyover (prolly ground zero for an EMP) and knowing your background, it’s an obvious thing to worry about/prepare for.

  11. Yes Doom, thinking EMP. My selection of Faraday bag occupants is more about options than anything really. Especially comms. HAMs will be some of the first back up after an EMP.

    I use an old candy bar type phone myself. Pay-go, unlocked, removable battery. And I still use a one-way pager.

  12. The comedian Bill Hicks used to do a bit where he invited the advertisers and marketers in his audience to kill themselves. He imagined them turning it into an ad campaign: “Oh, the righteous indignation dollar, that’s a good dollar, Bill’s smart to do that.” He laid out the futility of trying to escape: “I’m just caught in a fucking web,” he’d say – See more at:

  13. RE: the robotics. to quote a sage: “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” all i see is an expensive way to replace human and other animal jobs, like pack mules, messengers, scouts, etc., just when such jobs are deperately needed by folks.

    also, just because google has moron money to invest in stupid stuff than others, doesn’t make them smarter, or others, more conservative, any less so. maybe they should co-invest their billions of extra petrodollars with NASA in manned space exploration, to the Moon, Mars, asteriods, Europa, etc. maybe that will have some long-term payoff.

    and, i have a friend who needs funding for his fusion project….

  14. gald you finally changed that stupid drone banner JR. hey, how about some nice flower fields or reef fish scenes? maybe get some explosive munition worked in them, dunno. hey, how about an erupting volcano? get lots of those.

  15. “In an ideal world, Kim Kardashian would have spent her life getting sport-fucked anonymously by hip-hop stars in some Bel Air mansion, ran a salon, and either died of a coke overdose or Botox poisoning. There is no reason that her face and her life and her tits and her deathless thoughts needed to be foisted upon the world outside of the 90210 ZIP code.”


  16. i had some dark thoughts published over at club orlov. they were so dark, i thought dmitry would not publish them, but there they are. musings from a doomer.

    anywho, i really enjoyed this commentor’s recent post about JHK:

    “Damn, two duds in a row: Jim Kunstler demonstrating his mile-wide blind spot about Israel, and that turning his usual sparkling prose-style to wet cement – as seems to happen whenever he gets onto his two big blind-spot topics: Israel and the 9/11 inside job.”

  17. ha! well, dmitry censored me again–it’s gone. this time, i don’t blame him. my post was a bit off topic, but related in a way. probably too dark for a family man raising a small boy. oh well,… i’m still raising two boys myself. doesn’t make it any easier, let me tell you, knowing what they’ll be facing in the future.

    me and kevin mccarthy. eyes wide shut.

  18. yeah, a lock made from the handle bars would last about 2 seconds.

    one time i rigged up a bike with an electric hub motor. it was interesting, and it was great not to have to pedal up hills, but the batteries weighed so much, it just wasn’t worth it to ride around with them all the time.

    the thing about bikes is that they’ve been subject to over a 100 years of refinement, and you still need to pedal them around, and you still get wet and cold when it’s wet and cold out.

    the best thing i ever did to my bikes was put some schwalbe “tour plus” tires on them. i haven’t had a flat in a year at this point. it’s a beautiful thing.

  19. yeah, i just read that “thing” over a club orlov. he must be desperate for content. i guess.

    what on earth do surrogate mothers and egg donations have to do with older men getting with younger women? aren’t these practices answers to female fertility problems? never mind the fact that young women are hot and may still have a good attitude of sorts. older women, (over 50?) are usually worn out and walking around with a chip on their shoulder, to engage in something of a gross generalization.

    geesh…is about all i can say.

  20. “yeah, i’d say that the jews should just wipe gaza clean and get it over with. i’d say.”

    “unintended consequences” comes to mind.

  21. yeah…but this shit could go on indefinitely, with the jews getting wiped out in the end anyway. it’s better to just go for it and let the cards drop as they will. i’d say.

  22. “this shit could go on indefinitely”

    I agree, and until it no longer serves a purpose, it will.

    “jews getting wiped out in the end” Probably too broad a brush, but certainly Israel as a Zionist paradise has its days numbered.

  23. i guess…the only “purpose” that i can see it serving is that the usa wants to keep its’ base in the middle east from being immediately overrun. or, the us is afraid of pissing off it’s “friends” in the me, eg, saudi arabia?

    really, the isrealies must know that their various military advantages aren’t going to last forever, or even for that much longer. so what are they waiting for?

    maybe they’re all figuring on moving to brooklyn…? hang out with jesse jackson…

  24. Hard to say dave. Lots of delusional thinking going on at high levels. Maybe someone thinks they are playing the long game when there isn’t one really.

  25. if the zionist state had just bought some island someplace, like off Fiji, or perhaps some island off the west or east coast USA, they’d be happy and ruling the world. but no, they had to pick the hardest place around to nation-build, choosing to relive the Bible story in the Holy Land. well, they got their old testament back in spades, i’d say.

  26. yeah, i don’t have any data; but people are still drivin’ like motherfuckers around here. everyday, just about all day, i95 and the merrit pkwy are parking lots, when they’re supposed to be highways. or something like that.

  27. “the merrit pkwy are parking lots”

    All the better to enjoy the “scenic layout, its uniquely styled signage, and the architecturally elaborate overpasses along the route”*.


  28. Exerpt from Admirial Rickover’s 1957 address:

    “Today the automobile is the most uneconomical user of energy. Its efficiency is 5% compared with 23% for the Diesel-electric railway. It is the most ravenous devourer of fossil fuels, accounting for over half of the total oil consumption in this country. And the oil we use in the United States in one year took nature about 14 million years to create. Curiously, the automobile, which is the greatest single cause of the rapid exhaustion of oil reserves, may eventually be the first fuel consumer to suffer. Reduction in automotive use would necessitate an extraordinarily costly reorganization of the pattern of living in industrialized nations, particularly in the United States. It would seem prudent to bear this in mind in future planning of cities and industrial locations.”

    Full text here:

    Great speech. Among other things, he predicts the US automobile use curve posted above.

  29. yeah, mostly you just gotta pay attention to the bumper that’s 2 feet in front of ya.

    also, the merrit is famous for “rubberbanding”. that’s when the line of traffic speeds up to 60 or 70, but then everybody slams on the brakes and you come to a dead stop. fun.

  30. i think they’re serious about making a few. it is very innovative, but i was amazed at how many technologies have been borrowed/copied from the SR-71 spy plane, especially in the engines. maybe some good use will come of all that high tech.

  31. the bad news: gas is gonna be hard to find and expensive
    the good news: traffic will be lighter
    the bad news: road upkeep will disappear, leading to third world conditions.
    the good news: that’s all the bad news for now (hopefully).

  32. interesting on the vinyl collector. he must really be serious about those recordings, and not just collecting vinyl to remelt for some other purpose. otherwise, why pay to have them sorted/cataloged? they are notoriously scratchy and don’t hold up well to repeated playing. (that is where digital excels.) we used to beat this problem by buying multiple records of the ones we really liked to play, also, make tapes of the good ones and play those daily, reserving the vinyl for copies only.

    if he’s thinking long term, they’ll probably work moron better at playback than dead PC-CD players and hand-held digital devices. all you need is a working turntable and some classic stereo amplification and speakers.

    humm. it just so happens we still have all our old vinyl records from the 60-90s and i kept our last turntable–a technics direct induction drive–with an old sony amp and bose 901 speakers. should be set, music wise, for the collapse. wait a minute, still need electricity.

  33. yeah, and don’t ya just hate it when the light turns green and everyone just sits there so you have to stop? sleeping monkeys at the wheel.

  34. i think JHK has the timeing about right in his latest post. i’m seeing 2015 as the year folks wake up to less oil available post-peak. could get interesting.

  35. I think JHK has a lot of things right, but timing has always been his problem. I think he’s too anxious to see his predictions come true before he croaks. Thats why he writes the fiction books to fill his anxious void. Personally I’m not in any hurry. Things will delaminate soon enough.

  36. nuclear power plants soon to be minus one:
    Something about Vermonters. I went to a wedding in north central Vermont recently. Crossing into VT was almost like going back in time a hundred years. Seemed to be more cows than people.

  37. yeah, the problem always remains: what to do with the fuel rods after they’ve cooled for a couple of years? throw ’em in the river, i guess.

  38. my own prediction is that maybe 25% of the current nuclear reactors will be shut down “safely” over the next 50 or so years. the rest will just shut themselves down in whatever way suits them. something like that.

  39. mio dos centavos: TPTB will risk everything to maintain the delusional state of well being until the very end. then, all the working nukes will go Fukushima for lack of cooling water pumping. none will have a plan to cool those cores and spent rod pools long-term. therefore, they will take turns in the race to boil away their cooling systems–who gets there first?–it doesn’t really matter.

    once the radioactive debris spreads, it will contaminate vast areas of former farmland/ranch land. if they continue to farm/ranch it, then the kids will begin to look like the mole people in The Time Machine, assuming they aren’t sterlized in the process. if the latter, then that helps get the population problem under control.

  40. yeah, the fantasy that plays out in my mind is something like: a couple of major incidents at some east coast reactors (only east coast reactors count for anything) prompts a flurry of shut downs. however, resistance limits these efforts, so only a limited number of reactors get shut down. over time, lack of resources prevents any further effective action at remaining plants. as the overall grid disintegrates these plants are left to fail on their own.

    the east coast will effectively be a no go zone in 100 years.

    the other senerio that plays through my brain is that the majority do get shut down in some haphazzard manor. iow, the fuel rods are removed and allowed to cool. but then no one knows what to do with them. so they get thrown in a ditch somewhere. something like that.

    eh, who knows.

  41. Time magazine is the 21st century version of Mad magazine, only they don’t know that. some samples: Russian citizens are supposidly pissed off at their leader, Putin’s Ukranian “adventures” because USA sanctions are affecting their food supply. well, they’d better make other food arrangements, anyway. nothing like growing your own.

    what a propaganda machine. big league delusional, too.

  42. other possibly interesting facts: 1) i used to pay for a paper subscription; 2) the wife noticed i stopped reading them (too much BS–see above), so we stopped it; 3) then, they tried to get me to pay for an on-line subscription—no dice; 4) so now, they send it to me for free, which is about all it’s worth.

  43. try to web search Chris Kam or Kris Cam (sp?) regarding her old Peak Oil videos or relationship/interviews with JHK and there is absolutely nothing. she seems to have no record left on the internet. i wonder what happened to her, and why.

  44. yeah..i remembered her name was can, not cam. i always thought it was kind of an unusual name. it looks like she hasn’t done anything new for several years.

  45. she was/is cute. jhk was/is kinda silly, especially those shorts. i guess.

    2008…seems like yesterday.

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