Another Perfect Day

“Another Perfect Day”

Out to lunch, speak your piece
Good and drunk, back on the street
What you see is what you get
No matter what you say
No time for anything to take the pain away
You sure ain’t the chosen few
You sure turned trick or two
You pulled the deuce this time
Another perfect day

Golden boy, take a chance
You’re a clockwork toy, you’re a dime a dance
The truth is only black and white
No shade of grey
It’s easy answers babe
But it’s the hell to pay
You know it’s just the same for you
Ain’t nothin’ you can do
No chance to change it now
Another perfect day

Total war, blow your stack
Say no more, you know you can’t go back
You’re acting dumb babe, you don’t know
The places you can go
You know you tell the truth in a different way
No court of law would find for you
No matter what you do
Could be the perfect crime
Another perfect day


56 Replies to “Another Perfect Day”

  1. hey zorro, must be hot behind that mask, huh?

    folks don’t like it when you shoot unarmed teens, nevermind they black and robbed a convenience store earlier. why do you think they call it a convenience store? duh.

  2. color me confused. i thought the F-35 was on the ropes, way over budget and not performing properly, to be replaced by far-cheaper drones. now, it’s the darling of the international fighter market for the foreseable future. go figure?

    what a bargain for only $65 million per plane, if it ever comes off that cheap. maybe lockheed-martin will throw in some free coffee mugs and tee shirts?

  3. The only way to hunt wild pigs is catch them alive (requires pit bulls), and then fatten them on corn or other “clean” food before slaughter. IMHFO. I can attest. My father-in-law was expert at this. He would actually stitch up any damaged dogs on the spot. Good times.

  4. The local pig farm near the Battenkill river lets the pigs run wild on their (fenced in) acreage during the growing season. They claim the natural forage is what makes the hogs tasty.

  5. the applewood smoked bacon on my friend’s burger tasted real good last night. he’s muslim, so he misses out on all things pork. what a sacrifice.

  6. once in awhile, we see local hunters with a dead feral pig tied to the roof of their pickup. some of them are very large, about 3X bigger than those pigs in the video. they drive around showing off their prize.

  7. Doom, got some briskets (local raised, grass-fed) getting smoked with applewood this weekend. Got a big to-do up in the mountains in a couple of weeks, this oughta be a hit.

  8. sometimes i think JHK should just give up commenting upon world events. stick to architecture and the urban evironment. he knows painting and gardening, too. note i’m being positive, here.

  9. I know what you mean. Despite the annoyances I like JHK though.

    Maybe he’ll retire from his peak oil job. It happened already, so what you gonna do.

  10. But pretty much anything beats squeezing your dick 2D. I’m guessing self-loathing is involved in this particular… fuck whatever, who cares.

    You can’t say that about JHK though. The dude is is righteous. JHK. He’s probably a 3D penis guy.

  11. i was at a bar in downtown san jose the other night (deep in the heart of silicon implant valley). the bar had a nice selection of single malts so i decided to try a few. they had a 25 y.o. maccallan that caught my eye. so i asked to see the list. yup, they wanted $98 for a glass. (for a single glass, not the bottle brothers & sisters) i demurred, whereupon i was informed that their price was cheap, as they want $150 for the same glass in san francisco bars.

    just not in that tax bracket. i would appreciate owning a new lamborgini aventura, which i parked next to at the local cvs store in la jolla last week, but i guess i’d have to have a sizable income to support it, like a rich mistress.

    so i had a couple of $15 per glass choices, off the bottom shelf. i took them neat. the young man to my left was drinking all sorts of newbie cocktails, one with a giant frozen ice ball and another with what appeared to be lettuce inside. i’m told that’s the latest craze. color me from the mesozoic.

  12. i have a certain employee, over 50+ y.o., that does not know the difference between silicone grease and silicone cement. i caught him using the grease to attempt sealing a small box. i was pretty shocked that even he did not know the difference, being a foreign-born citizen, with different cultural upbringing, etc. i think it’s related to a mild (or not so mild) form of ADHD. this seems to translate into learning disabilities. apparently, reasoning is also affected.

    one of my older colleagues, who is 60+ y.o., admitted to cutting his first metal pipe upon my request. his excuse is living in a shoebox for the past 30-40 years. he’s a bit like mike meyers’ character in the austin powers comedy movie series.

  13. I’m 45 and I only just built my first TARDIS. I went back in time and told myself to stop it, though, as some of the metalwork looked really shabby..

  14. i think JHK peaked somewhere during his first Kris Can interview. if he’s still with her, he should do the right thing by her and get secretly married, unless he wants to invite us all to the reception, which would probably result in a large collection of glass salad bowls, from Wal*Mart, of course.

  15. if you want some cheap laughs, listen to an early interview of JHK explaining the peak oil concept. “there was this geologist guy, his name was marion king hubbert…. he worked for some oil company.” PO for morons.

  16. just finished watching the whole enchilada. normally, a 90+ minute interview would be later, later. but, being home sick with a head cold and nothing better to do than sleep, i watched it all. so, he has a girlfriend who visits now and then. he looks a bit weathered (all that hip replacement surgery has taken a toll, i’ll bet).

    he seems to be comfortable with his lifestyle choices. sounds like a lot of homegrown greens and perhaps an occasional rabbit in his diet. maybe get a solar and/or wind powered freezer and put down some venison steaks?

    i can relate to the arthritis pain, unfortunately. maybe he should get a solar hot-water hot tub. do like the romans did.

    he’s a cocktail drinker. he buys the low end brand names, because he’s likely mixing them, or just cheap.

  17. the fence must be working, as he still has a garden in tact. personally, i’d use the garden as a deer trap. get a cheap 30-30 and put some venison steaks in the drop in. he could always hire a butcher, for some of the meat. he ain’t going to do that with his hand gun.

    funny how that girl’s dogs are trying to sleep through the entire performance.

  18. i guess it’s too warm there in summer for any permafrost at depth? just thinking about low-cost refrigeration. dig a pit into it, if present.

  19. you know why Jim is desperately seeking any dietitic, organic or homeopathic medication for his arthritus, etc.? he knows that when the society goes tits up, he’ll only have a few months supply (if that) of prescription meds. gonna be hard times for the old folks, no matter how well prepared otherwise.

  20. Its called a root cellar. Next best thing sans refrigeration. Not permafrost, but an even 55* year round around here. Good enough for root vegetables, anyway.
    The best prevention for arthritis is motion/ (strenuous) exercise. Its also the best remedy, but much harder to reverse than prevent.

  21. fair enough GB, but in JHK’s case, all that vigorous cycling he did helped to wear out his hip joints. i’m pretty sure it was his meniscus that was shot. the problem is once it’s gone, it’s gone, and won’t regenerate (same for knees). then, it’s bone-on-bone, which can be extremely painful. they can temporarily fix it with a plastic-metal or all-metal ball joint. the plastic wears even faster than natural tissue, and has to be replaced in about 10-15 years. so JHK chose all-metal, but then (he claimed he) got trace metal blood poisoning–Co, Cr micro-nano-particles (?) from the ball wear. so i guess he sued the doctors and got some settlement $$$. i wonder what he did to remedy the metal ball insert?

  22. your root cellar would also make a great wine cellar. folks out here buy special refrigerated wine cellars.

    believe it or not, there used to be permafrost in Hawaii. i’ve seen it, about 30+ years ago, as hard blue ice between cinder on the southern slopes inside cinder craters on the top of Mauna Kea on the big island. leftovers from the last ice age. i heard it’s just about all gone now.

  23. No, the cycling did not wear out his hip joints. The running did. He got caught up in the running boom in the seventies, like everyone else. Lots of ways to hurt your yourself and especially knees when running: 1) bad form, 2) wearing wrong shoes, 3) inappropriate training patterns, etc. Still, if done right, running is a very healthy activity. Cycling does not ordinarily put damaging stress on joints. JHK switched to cycling after the knee replacements, I believe, but the running did his knees in, as is very common.

  24. so it was all the jogging! i think swimming is the best low-impact exercise. running on sand may be a close second, along with dog wrazzling and heavy sex.

  25. I’m set up because I have a berry patch with yellow-breasted chats? I think the chats are the ones who have it made. They don’t slave over the berry bushes weeding, feeding, pruning, watering. They just come and eat and leave whenever they like.

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