History – First Draft 04.29.2015

History – First Draft 04.29.2015

“Either give up your empire, or live under it.” – Chalmers Johnson


The Man and me
Tim Kreider

Doing nothing is the best option in a surprising number of situations, but it’s one that all authorities are constitutionally disinclined to exercise, as it they fear it might expose their own superfluity. And people in power can seldom resist an opportunity to start pushing other people around[…]

[…]I don’t believe the police are closet Klansmen or fascist lackeys; I also don’t think they’re heroes. They’re people doing a job, and, like everyone else in the world, they do what the people who pay them tell them to do. The people who pay them are the government, and the government operates in the service of those who own it. In effect, the police are a heavily armed private security force to protect rich people against the poor — a role that became nakedly obvious to me the day our billionaire mayor ordered the NYPD to bulldoze the perfectly legal protest at Occupy Wall Street[…]

[…]Everyone who’s paying attention — and I’m not talking about alarmist crackpots but the U.N., the Pentagon, the C.I.A. — agrees that the coming decades will see, to put it euphemistically, civil disturbances. The gap between the very rich and everyone else is only getting wider, meaning that more and more of us are finding ourselves on the wrong side of the police barricades[…]

Congress’s Pathetic Charade on the Iranian Nuclear Agreement
by Ivan Eland, April 28, 2015

Congress is thus asserting its role, but only with smoke and mirrors. I predict that any final agreement with Iran will raise a lot of fuss among Republicans and even some Democrats, but will eventually go through. Like immigration reform, I support a verifiable nuclear agreement with Iran, but I do not support the unconstitutional road to get there.

On the nuclear agreement with Iran, Obama’s acquiescence to Congress’s charade of relevancy reminds me of the Roman Empire, where emperors continued to pay due respect to the Senate, long emasculated from its glory days during the Roman Republic, but where everyone knew who was really running things.


Churchill’s Disaster – Gallipoli

Churchill was at least man enough to take up command of a Scotts infantry unit on the Western Front, unlike so many other politicians who sent men to their deaths from the safety of their private clubs in Whitehall.

It is often said that modern Australia and New Zealand were really born as independent nations at Gallipoli, just as the same is said of Canada at the battle of Vimy.

True to a degree, but we should also remember that the British Empire often used its “white troops” from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada as cannon fodder to spare British regiments from the home islands.

To Send a Message, Judge Sentences David Petraeus to 75% of One Speaking Fee

Yemen Crisis: Saudi Arabia’s Air War Resumes
…Despite having no decisive impact on the opposing Houthi militias


8 Replies to “History – First Draft 04.29.2015”

  1. The article failed to mention the A1 submarine used to scare the enemy so they couldn’t shell with impunity the Gallipoli beaches.

  2. And a word from James Kenneth Galbraith courtesy of Art Berman:

    The world oil market is undergoing a fundamental structural change in response to expensive oil. Producers are trying to survive by limiting expenditures. While analysts have been focused on rig counts, deferred completions have emerged as the initial path to lower U.S. oil production. This unanticipated outcome suggests that others may follow. While everyone is waiting for higher oil prices and for things to return to normal, what we may be witnessing is the end of normal.

  3. the english used to send the scots forward first for similar reasons, but of couse hid behind (literally, in this case) the maime that the scots they had were such fierce and brave fighters (they were).

  4. how about this one? “looters graciously accept lack of available recyclable shopping bags, due to unexpected, last -minute riot scheduling, which created an all-you-can-carry-out event. nevertheless, management sincerely apologized for this inconvenience.”

  5. “johns hopkins university students caught stocking up during CVS value days event, Baltimore. ‘this sure beats those gobmint loans’, they said.”

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