Did Charlie Rose look like a fucking idiot last night on 60-Minutes, or what, asking Vladimir Putin how he could know for sure that the US was behind the 2014 Ukraine coup against President Viktor Yanukovych? Maybe the idiots are the 60-Minutes producers and fluffers who are supposed to prep Charlie’s questions. Putin seemed startled and amused by this one on Ukraine: how could he know for sure?” -JHK

27 Replies to “09.22.15”

  1. Kurt says:
    September 24, 2015 at 6:11 am

    The U.S. produces more than enough oil to run the military. What would prevent the military from taking over the necessary wells and refineries?

    Gail Tverberg says:
    September 24, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    Lack of a financial system to pay the military.

  2. yeah, that’s why i think that the financial system can and will be jury rigged until there is some sort of severe lack of physical resources. if oil can be pumped refined and distributed, and if police and soldiers and such can be housed and fed by using some version of the existing finance system, then that’s what’ll happen. i think.

    even with wide spread famine and such, armies and police and such, continued to march and kill and control and such, not that i have any real problem with any of that. eh, sit back, relax, enjoy the fucking freak show while you can. i guess.

    it’s been a long hot dry summer. autumn is in the air this morning. feels good.

  3. of course, none of that is saying that the current system won’t come apart. of course it will, just maybe a few years down the road.

    for me, the defining event(s) of system collapse is the occurrence of wide spread famine along the north east coast of the united states (boston, nyc, philidelphia, baltimore, the rat’s nest, ect.). iow’s, the supermarkets and warehouses have already been stripped bare, there are no emergency food/ration supplies/deliveries and people are literally dying in the street. my prognostications are for around 2024. as good a guess as any, i’d say.

    greece has disappeared from the news cycle. what has taken its’ place? the pope does nyc. all good.

  4. speaking of disrespect, i was watchig steven colbert making a fool out of himself on the pope’s visit with about a dozen props last night. he is no david letterman, johnny carson. but he has a big budget.

    these guys are/were really highly paid shills for the PTB.

  5. so dave, i agree with wha you wrote. i’m sure there will be an effort made by the PTB to maintain their power as long as they possibly can.

    they really hate putin, because they know he’s just waiting for the wounded elephant to flop over and die. goodbye hedgemon, and good riddence.

  6. yeah, the russia/china axis is kind of interesting…they’re still dependent on the west to burn their oil and buy their shit. will they emerge from the ashes of global industrialism? will the us hegemony allow them to? what will 100,000,000 chinks do when suddenly there’s no one around to buy their plastic crap? hard to say.

  7. OFW comments, EV = electric vehicle, RE = renewable energy:

    timl2k11 says:
    September 26, 2015 at 2:26 am

    “Well when will EV’s become as cheap as ICE vehicles? When will the great RE switch take place? Like cold fusion, always seems 10 years away. Switching all of civilization to renewables sounds like pie in the sky nonsense. Where do we get the resources? Your EROEI calculations leave out way too much and grossly oversimplify the comparison. Gail has demonstrated time and time again the deficits of EROEI comparisons across different fuels sources. Apples to oranges.”

    Gail Tverberg says:
    September 26, 2015 at 8:28 am

    “EROEI is only a very small piece of the total picture. Debt requirements are more important. So is the total costs of production, including balancing and transmission–things that are left out of EROEI calculations.

    The whole idea that net energy is important is not even true. Energy of EROEI of 8.5 to 1 can in no way replace energy with an EROEI of 50:1. The threshold for EROEI that Hall tried to create in his article, “What is the Minimum EROI that a Sustainable Society Must Have?” is improperly computed, in my view. My current post basically implies that an EROEI of 35:1 or 50:1 is required; anything less than this adds too much debt to the whole system, especially if it is a front-end investment type energy source. Such an investment is much worse than an energy source that can be funded on an ongoing basis.

    What we need is cheap energy, that requires practically no debt to create. This would be comparable to less than $20 barrel oil. For electricity, it would probably be a wholesale cost of something like 2 cents per kWh.”

    i believe even a successful hot fusion project would need front-end investment, so it would be a tall order, even if there was sufficient lead time. she’s basically saying we’re screwed.

  8. what will 100,000,000 chinks do when suddenly there’s no one around to buy their plastic crap? hard to say.

    my guess: riot and get killed, or go back to farming with the folks. return to the good earth-type existence.

  9. yeah, maybe 20 years ago or so, i kind of sat down a read everything that he had ever written. haven’t paid much attention to him since.

  10. one, or more, of the things that i took away from him is that: yes, the world is just a stupid and shitty place to be, unless you have money. that it is ok, normal, to hate working, having a job, and everything that goes along with it. it’s ok to drink in the middle of the day. etc.

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