Comrade Trump

The famous Trump base has hit a ceiling. He should retire, and enjoy.

Fuck you, Wall Street Journal.


Putin’s Blitz Leaves Washington Rankled and Confused

Hollande is a liar and a puppet. He knows the Security Council will never approve a no-fly zone. Russia and China have already said so. And they’ve explained why they are opposed to it, too. It’s because they don’t want another failed state on their hands like Libya, which is what happened last time the US and NATO imposed a no-fly zone.

But that’s beside the point. The real reason the no-fly zone issue has resurfaced is because it was one of the concessions Obama made to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the use of Incirlik airbase. Washington has kept the terms of that deal secret, but Hollande has let the cat out of the bag.

So who put sock-puppet Hollande up to this no-fly zone nonsense?

Finally Some Clarity About the Russian Plans in Syria

First, I would not be surprised if the Russians did declare that it was their standard operating procedure to protect their military installations with air defense systems. And then would finally bring in their S-300s (I am aware of rumors that the S-300s are already there, but I have seen no confirmation so far). I would expect the Israelis to feel particularly miserable about that, and I would not be surprised if the Russians offered guarantees that these systems would remain exclusively under Russian control. What is already certain is that Netanyahu did fly to Moscow to address issues at least of Russian-Israeli “non-interference,” if not “cooperation.” I would add here that Moscow has no hostile plans towards Israel whatsoever and that, by all accounts, the Russians and Israeli officials get along famously, if only because both sides are smart and pragmatists (they don’t need a love fest, they need responsible behavior).


In purely military terms this is a rather minor development. Yes, the Syrian Air Force badly needs some modernization (the fact that they are using helicopter-dropped 500kg barrel bombs is a proof that they don’t have enough aircraft to deliver guided or even unguided 500kg aerial bombs) and the Russians will be bringing some very capable aircraft (SU-24s and SU-25s for sure, and in some specific cases they could even use Tu-22M3s and SU-34s). But this will not be a game changer. Politically, however, this marks yet another triumph for Vladimir Putin, who has forced the US Empire to renounce its plans to overthrow Assad. Because—and make no mistake here—the Russians are now there to stay: a limited Russian military presence will now turn into a major Russian political commitment. Furthermore, not only will Tartus continue to serve a fairly limited but not irrelevant role for the Russian Navy, the airbase in Latakia will become a hub of Russian military operations and, in effect, a forward operating base for the Black Sea Fleet.

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  1. i guess it was an old plane that suffered metal fatique. interesting that the wings came off after the load of fire retard was dropped. reminds me of plate glass cracking after a load has been removed. we’ve had two cases: one where we removed an old AC from below, a second where an old built-in BBQ was removed on the deck below.

    wonder what goes through the pilot’s mind. does he think he’s now flying a rocket into the ground?

  2. i think the fed reserve has no clue what will work. the banks want more profits from interest, so there is pressure from them, but they are greed-driven morons to even ask. yellen must suspect that a rate hike at this time, even a tiny one, would devastate the weak global economy, possibly initiating collapse. so, we get a lot of talk about it, which in itself keeps the can rolling down the road.

    the end is nigh.

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  4. so, when the labor participation rate drops another 1%, does jimmy carter roll out his famous “malaise” speech? maybe he just gets obama to read it for him on the tele-prompter.

  5. BAU, like that fire fighting plane, was flying high and strong, until suddenly, it wasn’t.

    note that friction of metal tear causes the fuel lines to ignite in flames as the wings come off. spectacular fail, dave.

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  7. my favorite parts of that putin speech are the cameos of the us state department persons glumly taking notes. “yup, yup, we stupid. yup, yup, it’s part of our plan to fuck things up for everybody. yup, yup.”

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