October 9th

Switching Sides in the ‘War on Terrorism’

In the course of fighting our “war on terrorism,” over a stretch of some 14 years, we have somehow managed to switch sides: in effect, our government has gone over to the enemy. The Sunni fundamentalists who are filling the ranks of the Syrian opposition, along with their paymasters in the Saudi kingdom and the Gulf states, are now our allies: the new enemy is an alliance of Russia, Syria, Iran, and the Shi’ite communities of the region, including Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen.

Is that Osama bin Laden’s laughter I hear emanating from the lowest rung of Hell?

24 Replies to “October 9th”

  1. anyhoo, this is a subject that is near and dear to me. not being famous, not being spectacularly wealthy, not being particularly notable in any way, how does one, a 60 yo guy no less, fuck bitches on a budget? this is quite the dilemma for me.

  2. you’ll have to resort to “love”, then being fickle to find moron girls. recall that’s what used to work on a low budget back about 40 years ago. fortunately, there is still a large pool to choose from. try joining a church or rotary.

  3. yeah, i’ve often thought of playing the whole “love” and “relationship” game. but then i have a couple of drinks, jerk off to some porn, and those ridiculous thoughts are banished…

  4. i remember (way) back when i was living in the phillipeans (sp?). i could have the girl (or 2) that i liked for a day, a week or a month, or whatever. then i could give her a some money and some bus fare, and be done with the whole sordid mess. i guess i got spoiled…

  5. i think i when to a rotary club meeting, once, maybe 35 years ago. if i remember right, i couldn’t run out of there fast enough…scary shit.

  6. looks like the global economy is collapsing as we blog. it will be interesting when the reality of no moron stuff, including food, hits the streets. personally, i expect chaos followed by a rapid die-off, at least in the developed world. we might be among that number.

    lots of “who coulda known?” statements by the PTB via the MSM. maybe some surprise moves too, we’ll see.

  7. dolph9 says:
    October 13, 2015 at 4:05 am

    Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s over. There’s nothing we can do, humanity screwed up big time. America screwed up big time.

    But there’s no life outside of the matrix. I also know this. You have to enjoy the remainder of this fossil fuel life because there’s nothing on the other end, either for future generations or in the grave that awaits us.

    Each of us in our own way is choosing how we will live out the end. Think about the people that get to see the beginning and development of a civilization. It must have been interesting. We get to witness the end. We get to play out the end. This is also interesting in a way.

    Fast Eddy says:
    October 13, 2015 at 4:59 am

    The Elders had a great plan …. brilliant in fact…. they invented democracy to control the sheeple… they took over the media to control the thoughts of the masses ….they took control of the money supply and created the central banks which further entrenched control…. everything was going so smoothly….

    And then they ran out of cheap to extract energy… and now they are racing about squealing like stuck pigs …. because the grand plan is about to be smashed on the rocks… and their response is — print more money….

    Rather amusing …. actually…. the best and the brightest…. acting like rats with their tales on fire….

    I feel a wee touch of schadenfreude

  8. so, orlov’s putin worship thing really is downright embarrassing at this point. he spent like 6 paragraphs parsing a single throw away phrase from his un speech…

  9. i stopped reading it after about four paragraphs. sometimes he’s interesting and insightful, this time not so. i could also give a shit about his unspell project, his publication company, and boat rennovations.

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