Steak is for taxpayers

More quality journalism from the Washington Post:
Some women just do it for a cheese pie

Some secret:
Emirates Secretly Sends Colombian Mercenaries to Yemen Fight


Inside the Pentagon’s fight over Russia
How the victors of one of America’s most celebrated battles are facing off on the future of the army.

In two of the scenarios, where the U.S. deploys its current basic formation, called brigade combat teams (BCTs), the U.S. is defeated. In two other scenarios, where Macgregor deploys what he calls Reconnaissance Strike Groups, the U.S. wins. And that’s the crux of Macgregor’s argument: Today the U.S. Army is comprised of BCTs rather than Reconnaissance Strike Groups, or RSGs, which is Macgregor’s innovation. Macgregor’s RSG shears away what he describes as “the top-heavy Army command structure” that would come with any deployment in favor of units that generate more combat power. “Every time we deploy a division we deploy a division headquarters of 1,000 soldiers and officers,” Macgregor explains. “What a waste; those guys will be dead within 72 hours.” Macgregor’s RSG, what he calls “an alternative force design,” does away with this Army command echelon, reporting to a joint force commander — who might or might not be an Army officer. An RSG, Macgregor says, does not need the long supply tail that is required of Brigade Combat Teams — it can be sustained with what it carries from ten days to two weeks without having to be resupplied.


Best Video of 2015


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  1. Best video of 2015: what a fucking asshole. he keeps that up, and soon enough he’ll have his front teeth shot out.

    They should press charges for robbing food from them. They have a witness.

  2. if you can get a sandwich for the same price as a prostitute, why not just buy a sandwich and have sex with that? at least then you can eat the sandwich after you’re done having sex with it.

  3. was that from petroleum cutoff to North Korea after the fall of the FSU? something similar happened to Cuba about that same time. doesn’t look like they recovered.

  4. here is a population growth chart for Cuba. note slowing in 90s and peak in ca. 2000. Heinberg found that Cubans when through a weight loss program post-FSU petroleum imports in early 1990s. probably same in North Korea, if not worse.

  5. if it wasn’t for zerohedge and a few other internet sites, we wouldn’t get anything close to reality.

    the banksters are pushing for a rate hike. per Gail Tverberg, the weak real economy will likely not be able to take it. so if they go ahead, things might fall apart sooner than if they left the rates alone. guess we’ll find out soon.

  6. i’m curious as to what jhk’s take on it will be, just ’cause he’s funny.

    personally, i don’t think matters what they do. to me, the only ball to keep your eye on is demand destruction v. resource depletion.

  7. i love that economist put-down in the zerohedge article. gotta make a special explanatory section for the economists, since they are turkey-brained humans.

  8. so jhk didn’t touch the whole rate hike thing…he’s probably waiting to see if they chicken out or not. i guess.

  9. Hey JR,

    Have you given a thought to a new banner photo? The arab terrorist guarding that large vat of plutonium nitrate solution is getting kinda old.


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