Syrian Clusterfuck

Week Seventeen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: Does Erdogan Want War with Russia?

What about the Saudis? Well, what about them? They can’t even deal with the Houthis in Yemen, why would anyone think that they could make a difference in Syria? The Saudi military is a joke, a degenerate repression force barely capable of engaging in anti-Shia repression operations. They can make all the threats they want, but if they try to move into Syria the Syrians, Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah will all try to race each other to be the first one to finally get a hold of these SOBs in teach them a lesson they shall not forget in a long time.

Frankly, I simply don’t want to believe that Erdogan and his advisors are crazy enough to try to trigger a war with Russia or even to invade Syria. While Erdogan himself is clearly a maniac, I cannot believe that his entire staff is also composed of lunatics. Furthermore, I cannot imagine that the US/NATO/EU would actually support a Turkish invasion of Syria or, even less so, an attack on Russia. Russophobia is great only as long as it does not expose you to a continental war, at which point your self-interest and survival prevails over any ideological notions. At least I hope so.



Libya Winning Race for Site of Obama’s Next War?

It’s fascinating how the “junior varsity” of ISIS that we didn’t have to worry about and the “smart foreign policy” “success” of the Libyan intervention have combined to create a crisis so serious that another war may be needed

In any case, the next president is going to inherit an even bigger Middle East mess from President Obama than President Obama inherited from President Bush. This is an achievement that nobody, including Obama, thought was even possible in 2009. The Middle East today is bloodier than it was in 2009, its problems are farther from solution than they were back then, the Sunni-Shi’a hatred is deeper, the state system has broken down farther, Iraqis are more deeply divided, and America has fewer friends, less respect and less ability to make things better than we did in 2009.

An Improbable Solution
Delusions on Syria prevail in official Washington

Oil Price and Isis Ruin the Kurds’ Dream of Riches

Oil is like opium in that it fosters dangerous dreams from which the Kurds are now awakening, but the withdrawal symptoms are painful and, on occasion, fatal. There are frequent funerals of people, who, despairing of being paid and with their savings gone, drown in the Aegean trying to make their way to Europe. Aside from oil, the KRG produces very little and almost all the goods in the markets are imported from Turkey and Iran. Kurds remark that “we don’t even grow our own tomatoes any more”.


The Real Karl Marx
John Gray MAY 9, 2013 ISSUE
Karl Marx: A Nineteenth-Century Life
by Jonathan Sperber


Why I Use the Term ‘AngloZionist’, and Why It’s Important

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize“
– Voltaire