Turkish Invasion of Syria


Week Eighteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: A Dramatic Escalation Appears Imminent

This strategic Russian and Syrian victory meant that all the nations supporting Daesh, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the USA were facing a complete collapse of their efforts to overthrow Assad and to break-up Syria and turn part of it into a “Jihadistan”. The Americans could not admit this, of course; as for the Saudis, their threats to invade Syria were rather laughable. Which left the main role to Erdogan who was more than happy to provide the West with yet another maniacal ally willing to act in a completely irresponsible way just to deny the “other side” anything looking like a victory.


The US just told Russia where some of its troops are in Syria

Saudi minister says Syrian rebels should get surface-to-air missiles

Saudi Arabia is facing a looming ‘catastrophe’

Within three decades, if usage patterns do not change, the country is predicted to face a significant drought. However, other predictions for the country are more dire.

Mohammed al-Ghamdi, a member of King Faisal University, told The Independent that ground water in the country could run out in as few as 13 years.

Cartel Catastrophe: Saudi Arabia’s Oil Dilemma
FEBRUARY 16, 2016 Troy Vincent



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  1. i tried to read that book, consilience, more than once. too much shit about fucking ants and shit. humans are talking ants. i don’t need a fucking book to tell me that.

  2. Try “The Social Conquest of Earth” by same author. He makes the point that ants can’t discover or control fire or invent tennis or something like that.

  3. JR, this guy is channeling you over at OFW blog:

    B9K9 says:
    February 19, 2016 at 10:48 am

    You guys are wasting your time following daily tactical news aka financial affairs since the real game is the global strategic arena. The moves against Russia, Syria, et al by a US led coalition (including proxies such as the KSA & Turkey) tell you everything you need to know.

    War powers, national security claims and other emergency measures are the time tested techniques to freeze wages & prices, allocate resources, ration food, restrict travel, and clamp down on disapproved speech & assembly.

    You can watch it unfold with disbelieving eyes, or you can prepare & plan ahead. The PTB are no going to willingly give up their power, wealth & prestige without a fight. There will be war, there will be measures taken to control domestic order, and there will be those who predicted it and will benefit accordingly.

  4. these various things will happen in various unpredictable forms, times and places. there is no way to reliably benefit or profit from any of these predictions. place your bets and take your chances. i guess.

  5. yeah, nuclear power is a pretty clear, in-your-face, bigger than life, example of monkeys playing with shit that they don’t understand. but, like i always say: eh, whaddau expect from a buncha fucking monkeys. really, i say that like all the fucking time.

  6. maybe i’ve told this before, but (true story) i’m waiting with the family at the airport for our flight, i think it was SFO. so my youngest son and i go for some $5 coffee at the kiost. they have all these yellow bananas displayed among the wrapped sandwiches and yogurt, so we’re walking past and i say rather loudly to him, “you can tell they cater to apes and monkeys by all the bananas”. a young woman was standing nearby and shot me a knowing, but somewhat surprized look.

    just sayin.

  7. ya, thanks, i saw that article also. it’s a race against the clock, for me. and, we’re not talking decades, we’re talking a couple of years, max. so, anyone, like nate hagens, suggesting BAU will continue for another 10-20 years is off by a factor of ten to the high side.

    since this is a process, i suspect that those having the pensions will see them cut, as well. the trick will be to grab any cash outs at retirement and convert that into land or metals asap.

  8. well thank god even the republicans rejected the bush brand this time. jeb is just as dumb as his older brother. told you trump will get the nomination.

  9. yeah, i kind of think that the days of various accounting gimmicks (adding in, tight oil, deep sea oil, questionable condensates, etc.) are just about over. po is out in plain sight. a bunch of people still can’t see it. kinda funny. even funnier is that idea that it was at least partially the result of an oil glut. i guess.

  10. so…i really liked this analysis. it echos many of my own thoughts on our current situation as a species.

    i like his techospere label, particularly where he places it parasitically on the biosphere . i find it to be non-judgmental. but i also like that it takes his analysis outside the world of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, which, of course is the driver in the background.

    the entire universe is working, feverishly, at correcting any energetic imbalances. fucked if i know why, but it is.


  11. “even funnier is that idea that it was at least partially the result of an oil glut. i guess.”

    my take on the oil glut is fracking was supported by financial investment using fake money supplied by the Fed. real money is earned, fake money is just printed. it was borrowed from the future without any notion of being repaid. only the US Fed could pull that off, and for a limited time, but the whole world was watching.

    meanwhile, the global consumer class, now gutted, was/is on life support and can no longer afford expensive-to-produce-and-refine oil. hence, the price plunge, ongoing. feeding the few at the expense of the many has its consequences.

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