This was written in 1998. My question is how much progress along these lines has actually been made by scientists in the last almost 2 decades? And also see the movie ‘Ex Machina’ if you haven’t.




One Reply to “Consilience”

  1. i think that what a lot of these guys don’t even remotely grok, is that all active mater (life) relies on multiple levels of nested, fractal, complexity, that, in turn relies on some set of, constantly changing, conditions. so, even if they did grok the facts of the matter, which they don’t, any complex self replicating, “living”, matter, thay they may happen to produce, which they won’t, because they don’t understand what they’re dealing with, will be completely dependent on the conditions under which it was created, which always change. the one proviso being the ability to evolve, adapt to to the changes, which are always unpredictable. so…

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