The World Must Unite (oh, okay)

Super Awkward

Microsoft Pulls Robot After It Tweets ‘Hitler Was Right I Hate the Jews’


‘The world must unite’: Obama addresses Brussels attacks during Cuba speech

Russia’s Syrian Withdrawal – Why It Happened and Why Regime Change Remains Off the Agenda
Alexander Mercouris
Mar 17, 2016

Week Twenty-two of the Russian Military Intervention in Syria: Putin Announces a New Strategy
THE SAKER • MARCH 19, 2016

Does Altruism Exist?: Culture, Genes, and the Welfare of Others


Betting on Gray Sludge: What Fun
FRED REED • MARCH 17, 2016

Here’s How You Know 2016 Is Already Decided
The most decisive phase of the election has passed; and it’s not looking good for the GOP.
By Doug Sosnik
March 22, 2016

Economic trends continue to be largely positive, with 3.3 million jobs created in the past 12 months. In the past two years, we’ve seen the most job growth in the country since 1999. Unemployment has dropped to less than 5 percent—a rate that most economists would say indicates full employment. The demand for more labor has finally begun to increase incomes for American workers. While it’s not exactly Morning in America, it’s undeniable progress and helps make the case for keeping a Democrat in the White House.”

And three paragraphs later –

“He [Trump] has galvanized tens of thousands of supporters who have felt left behind by today’s economy, as well as tens of thousands of voters who find his political agenda anathema to American values. Trump has been underestimated by the media and his opponents since his announcement last June, despite leading in the national polls since last fall (as reported by Trump once or twice) and winning well over half of his party’s primaries.”

Meet the B-21, the newly unveiled Air Force bomber of the future
[The future is clearly mediocre, uninspiring, and over-rated]

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