Four 11, 2016


The Mystery Revealed

The Maoist Social Justice Warrior students are enjoying the surprising power and thrills of coercion, especially as directed against their simpering professors and cringing college presidents anxious to sustain the illusion that something like learning takes place in the money laundering operations of higher ed.

Best War Movie of last decade since The Hurt Locker, best movie of 2016 so far:

Raises so many issues and questions. Beautiful thriller. Anti-war propaganda at its best that most people will never see. Unfortunate.

The Controversy About Stalin – a “basket” of Preliminary Considerations
THE SAKER • APRIL 11, 2016

Think of it this way: Stalin had inherited a Party which was full of rabid, treasonous and simply crazy elements and a party which was still full of Trotskyists (which makes sense, as more than anybody else Leon Trotsky should be “credited” with creating the Soviet military, winning the Civil War and crushing all internal opposition in a huge campaign of russophobic terror). Stalin turned this Party into a Party run by one man, himself, one which had purged itself from Trotskyists foreign agents and one which had the ideological flexibility to actually appeal to the Russian people to fight off and, eventually, defeat the Nazi invaders during WWII. I think that you don’t have to “like” Stalin to see that while his methods were, no doubt, ruthless, his results were rather impressive: not only did he win WWII, but in spite of the terrible cost in human lives and destruction he turned a bloodied and severely battered Soviet Union into a world power with a powerful economy, absolutely world-class scientific community and a remarkable high standard of living during the years of recovery.

Al Nusra armored assault from HD drone video – outstanding quality:

132 Replies to “Four 11, 2016”

  1. so here’s how science works: (1) you have some ideas/hunches/hypotheses to test, (2) you set up the test apparatus and do some experiments, (3) you spend the next few months to years trying to figure out what really happpened, as opposed to what you thought would happen, in step (1) complicated by stupid mistakes made in step (2). next stop, negotiating with journal editors.

  2. dave, i have a ms. ready for you to read. finished it last night and celebrated by staying up late and watching mindless “rookie blue” cop show rerun as the young buxom, low-IQ girl cops confront real police situations with their hunky, low-IQ cop boyfriends as backup for their emotional (not) encounters and psycho-physical needs. kinda like bay watch in NYC with moron clothes and car chases.

  3. sorry, but i think that butt is photochopped. it is out of proportion with the rest of her bod. looks like they used the white bikini band area to attach two girls’ photos.

    of course, to know for sure, we’d have to do a site inspection.

  4. why we’re fucked, part II:

    via Don Stewart at OFW:

    “It turned out though that high oil prices were able to drive up non-conventional oil production such as light tight oil and tar sand oil.”

    More than half of the difference between the 93.5 mb/d reported, and 2014’s production of conventional crude, 76.89 mb/d, was NGL’s. They don’t make liquid fuels. Also between 1960 and 2005 when production was growing by 5.46% annually the average 55 year weighted price of crude was $16.09/ barrel. Between 2005 and 2014 it was $77.27. During 2013, the last year that we have records for, the industry replaced 1 barrel for every 8 consumed. The world is past peak, and is on its way to the end of the oil age.

    Any other conclusion can only be an attempt at wishful thinking.
    The world’s economy has followed the production of conventional crude for more than half a century. It has been petroleum that has powered the world’s economic growth. Recent growth has come at the cost of the world’s total debt increasing by 40% over the last six years.
    When the present debt explosion comes to an end, so also will any growth. No new EV’s, no new solar panels, no new wind farms. The end of oil will be the end of the modern economy.

  5. let’s see, i know this will be a rough calculation, but… if it took 6 years to increase the world debt by 40%, that’s about 6.7% per year. Can world debt be doubled or tripled? if so, then double in 15 years, triple in 30 years. at what point does debt that can never be repaid become worthless?

  6. yeah, i thought that that concerted attack on some collection of hovels in the middle of some fields was just silly. but i didn’t want to say anything…

  7. I actually thought Dave meant Play Station with the ps comment initially, as the graphics almost look like it could be from a game.

  8. cool graphs:

    “It is, by far, much worse than just a recession, not the least of which is due to the distinct possibility that they [the trends graphed] could combine. More than that, since these are unique circumstances unlike anything observed in modern economic history we can’t really anticipate how or even where it might end and turn around. In many places, this money supply-driven slowdown has already achieved truly drastic proportions – and it only looks to continue.”

  9. personal anecdote:

    i buy certain small automatic valves from a company. they are used in various vacuum and low pressure systems. when i went to order some stock replacements, i was told no one had ordered these particular valves in over a year. the lady recalled my last order was in 2013.

    this is a big, international company. no one else has ordered these valves in the past year? i’m the only one asking for them, to replace stock from a recent order placed by a colleague using *private* research funds, not public or military.

  10. good old john gray. our family dog believes in the food god. if she is good and worships hard and tithes, the food god will smile upon her and grant her the food she craves. this is all that matters, all other thoughts and events are just details encountered between meals.

  11. well today we sucessfully knocked off the reservoir purge, so tomorrow i’m running a pressurized tank gas as blank. assuming that goes well (nobody knows the residual gases inside), next up will be the standards at pressure. if those pan out as expected, we there, in the dugout, drinkin’ champaign cocktails and eatin’ russkie caviar on toast with joe demagio and marilyn.

  12. At times like this we have to appreciate the staying power and many, many enjoyable times provided by entertainment greats.
    Thank you Pikachu

  13. so dave, why do you suppose the 3He enters the glass matrix at specific temperatures? quantum states? gawd, it’s been a looong, looong time since i took quantum mechanics in college.

  14. dave, you’re being harsh again. we’re done with prince, OK?

    goddamn dog dug up my moringa tree seedling again. now it looks a lot like prince musta looked in his final days, prolly not going to make it back this time (second attack). she’s lucky i don’t really give a shit.

  15. yes, the glass contains many leaky o-ring structures that the gases pass through. at certain vibe states, small molecules like hydrogen and helium scoot through faster than expeced because they hit their quantum resonance states, or these resonance states reveal a quantized-state behavior not seen (as easily) in larger molecules like water or argon, for example, but they doing something similar, just not as easily observed.

  16. results of quantum behavior are often undetectable, if for no other reason than they’re just as likely to happen in one direction or the other. thus the impossibility of quantum computing…i think. tiny molecules like H and He will find their way through all types of matrices, as long as there is a sufficient pressure gradient. thus the near impossibility of any type of long term H containment, at usable concentrations. i think.

    if it was me, i’d check my o-rings and fuck my lab assistant, or vice versa. jus’ sayin’…

  17. “tiny molecules like H and He will find their way through all types of matrices, as long as there is a sufficient pressure gradient. thus the near impossibility of any type of long term H containment, at usable concentrations. i think.”

    we just had a post-doc find out the hard way about H2 containment. i was informed she was mixing gases using a tank and regulator that were not made for such use, the H2 diffused through the tank o-rings (buna, not even viton, but probably should have been metal seals), made an invisible cloud with the lab air (add O2), used a digital gauge (electric spark source) and voila! the explosion took off her arm and made a bloody mess. she’s lucky to be alive, of course, thanks to some first responders that new how to stanch the blood flow.

    the explosion happened in the basement. it was so severe that they had to have structural engineers check the nearby cement pillars before anyone could reoccupy the building. shades of 911.

  18. i witnessed a snake fight at my great uncle’s house in SE Texas back in small-kid time. a smaller black snake was fighting a good-sized yellow striped snake, a cotton-mouth moccasin, i believe. they were up in an old dead tree by the road, then fell to the ground. the black snake got a hold on the moccasin’s head, then proceeded to swallow the whole snake. this took awhile, so we had plenty of entertainment while we waited for the BBQ to finish. a great day for snake watchers.

  19. The Bard was a cynical guy. smart, but…

    Macbeth: To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time; And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. [ Macbeth Act 5, scene 5, 19–28 ]

  20. yeah, really not paying too much attention to the economy these days. media spin, main stream or other wise, is just way to stupid. not a single one of them understand what they’re looking at. if anyone at the fed understands, they’re sure not letting on to it.

    basically, we’re looking at gene swarm being starved, in its’ death throes…something like that.

  21. god, i had kind of a dry spell for a while. but lately, i’ve been fucking like crazy. just goes to show what patience and perseverance can accomplish.

  22. [JOKE]

    Walk With Me While I Age

    I hope this poem has the same effect on you as it did on me; then my forwarding it will be worth the effort. Walk with me while I age – worth the read.


    SHIT ……

    I forgot the words.

  23. i’ve lately become more attracted and sympathetic to guy mcphereson’s writings. not that i really give a single fuck about the survival of “humanity” or any other such abstraction. so i’m not sure of the attraction…

    the only thing i might say, paraphrasing t. kuhn, i think: “paradigms don’t die, their proponents do.”

    something like that.

  24. macFearson is getting moron currency these days because the climate is changing faster than hoped in the warming direction. looks like a combo of lower albedo because of less ice cover in the arctic, and less ice to adsorb the excess heat when melting. if so, we’re cooked, and a lot faster than hoped/predicted. note the greenies are finding out the hard way about momentum from the previous CO2 dumps to the atmo-ocean reservoir.

  25. yeah, the thing that kind of blows my mind about venezuela, is that nobody, anywhere, is even making any noise about stepping in, not even to take over the oil fields. i guess everybody’s got enough problems of their own. whatever oil’s left isn’t worth the effort. and so it goes…i guess.

    maybe some sort of salvage operation in 50 years, maybe not.

  26. their heavy crude is not in demand except for some US refineries that can take it. now, with the global oil glut brought on by lack of demand and fracking production overshoot, they can no longer command a high price. add to that economic woe their political “hatred for US”, so no one is stepping up to assist from here. any foreign interests like china or russia have to contend with the Monroe doctrine and revenge taken elsewhere.

    my guess is even the international aid agencies are being arm-twisted by the US to back off. if so, this country is truly dispicable. Venezuela is being given the Haiti treatment.

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