She got overheated! But she’s fine now!


JIM CHANOS: Tesla is putting itself ‘under the red line’

The 238-mile range for the Chevy Bolt is a big problem for Tesla

The Fabled and Enabled
Shameless self-promotion can make America gullible (again)
CHRIS LEHMANN September 08, 2016

How Holmes was able to confect a multibillion-dollar startup out of such thin material is a stark cautionary tale, both for the self-regarding masters of Silicon Valley and for their many enablers in the tech press. For Holmes, none too subtly, ensured that the main commodity that Theranos produced, in the absence of reliable lab results, was her own tirelessly flogged narrative as world-class innovator and industry disruptor. She conspicuously donned the restless-genius wardrobe of Steve Jobs, caroming around her company in a black turtleneck and puffy vest—while keeping interior temperatures artificially low so as to minimize the discomfort of her contrived “think different” uniform. And like Jobs, she obsessively micromanaged all details of working life and corporate décor on the Theranos campus—taking particular pains to ensure that the various senior engineers at the company never communicated directly among one another about the substance of their research, lest the whole scam be exposed from within.

Darwin Unhinged: The Bugs in Evolution

It was like giving a bobcat a prostate exam. I got everything but answers. They told me I was a crank, implied over and over (again) that I was a Creationist, said that I was an enemy of science (someone who asks for evidence is an enemy of science). They said that I was trying to pull down modern biology (if you ask questions about an aspect of biology, you want to pull down biology). They told me I didn’t know anything (that’s why I was asking questions), and that I was a mere journalist (the validity of a question depends on its source rather than its content).

But they didn’t answer the questions. They ducked and dodged and evaded. After thirty years in journalism, I know ducking and dodging when I see it. It was like cross-examining hostile witnesses.

This is the behavior not of scientists, but of advocates, of True Believers. I used to think that science was about asking questions, not about defending things you didn’t really know. Religion, I thought, was the other way around. I guess I was wrong.

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  1. yeah, that guy with the evolution bit shows a basic lack of understanding when it comes to evolution (change) and biological evolution (competitive exploitation of an energetic niche).

    also, there is very little mystery about the origins of life, per se. it’s a state of matter. one might as well ask: why is there something instead of nothing?

    something like that…

  2. that’s not say that the current crop of evolutionists aren’t guilty of creating some “just so” stories. but what else is one supposed to do?

  3. just wanted to add that it was 75 degrees in NYC when Hillary “overheated”. it’s s stretch even for an old post-menopausal woman to oveerheat in weather like that. imagine 4 years of listening to her handlers pump out lies, while rome burns.

  4. dude shows us how to live like a primitive Roman all by himself (except for camera-person monkey). some keys to this: need proper soil to make clay; need enough rainfall for water and woods; need to be isolated so noboby disturbs process. if he had some copper, tin around the area, he could also reinvent the bronze age, or better, some bog iron, to make iron tools like the vikings. got a ways to go to making his own personal F-35.

  5. the flames lapping the roof reminds me of an incident with spilled duck grease on an open charcoal fire many moons ago. wife was ready to call fire dept.

  6. please explain what the Hell is going on with HRC? is this a seizure? she doesn’t appear to know it’s happening to her, or perhaps it happens so often now that it’s no big deal for her? note the clueless media appear to not notice it. how can that be so? Emperor has no clothes syndrome? fuckin weird.

  7. yeah, i’m still thinking that cash is king, for a little while anyway…

    i’ll buy vehicles in a year, i think…

    hrc didn’t have a seizure, not in that video anyway. she is, however, a lizard princess, that fact cannot be covered up…

  8. What they failed to mention is that the reactor has electrolytes, which is what reactors crave, now with more MOLECULES!

  9. interesting recent exchange over at OFW blog:

    theedrich says:
    September 27, 2016 at 3:20 am

    It is amazing how Kübler-Ross’s “first stage of grief” — i.e., denial — dominates the thinking and actions of governments everywhere, and specifically in the developed world. There are assiduous efforts, particularly in Germany and Denmark, which should know better, to defeat the laws of nature (see Gail’s Fig. 7., above). But the compulsion to follow the socialist (if not Communist) ideological path regardless of facts indicates a frozen, dictatorial mindset. Using taxpayer funds to support unicornish projects of “renewable” energy is not that dissimilar to the economic overextension which brought about the collapse of the Soviet empire. And, of course, adding a million or so refugees to the national welfare roles only makes the decline all the faster.

    Effusive appeals to “morality,” “responsibility,” alleged guilt for past sins, various sob stories and the like do not change reality. Not even tyrannical and draconian laws can make up for the lack of very cheap-to-produce energy. History shows that such measures help only the rulers. The society as a whole breaks down, willy-nilly. Janet Yellen and her Fed cannot solve the problem of diminishing returns, no matter how delicately they try to redistribute the dwindling amount of monetary resources. The ballooning $20 trillion national debt shows this blatantly.

    It does indeed look like we are at the edge of the cliff.

    Gail Tverberg says:
    September 27, 2016 at 8:43 am

    We are at the edge of the cliff. Leaders have no motivation to tell the population about the problem. It is even possible that some leaders don’t understand the nature of our problems sufficiently to recognize where we are.

    Fast Eddy says:
    September 27, 2016 at 2:19 pm

    If they were to tell us the problem…. we would immediately fall over the cliff…

    Better to have soothing lies…

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