Trump’s Revolution
Now beware the counter-revolution
by Justin Raimondo, November 09, 2016

Trumpophobia Melts SJW Snowflakes
By ROD DREHER • November 9, 2016

Oh for heaven’s sake … really? These snowflakes wanted classes cancelled because the wrong guy won the presidential election? These grown men and women need counseling to face the headlines? Are the SJWs and their coddlers trying to make me happy that Trump won, or what?

By the way, I just ran into a working-class Hispanic immigrant friend. He’s not worried. He said, “A lot of Latino people, we know that Trump was really just saying that the immigration should be done the right way. We know he’s not really against us. Who hired all the Latinos to build his buildings? Trump. It’s not such a bad thing that he wants immigration by the rules.” For what that’s worth.


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