This is genius. He gives 21 reasons. I’m not sure which is the best:

Round-up of Recriminations
After Trump’s win, there are more culprits than we can shake a finger at
COREY PEIN November 10, 2016

19 The System

Trump’s misogyny didn’t matter to millions of Americans who, Clinton or no Clinton, delivered a resounding electoral endorsement of the abuse and subjugation of women. How to explain that but as an institutional, and deeply internalized, system that is sometimes called patriarchy. There are already some who are portraying the election result as a grand rebuke of “the establishment.” This should be a clue that Trump’s victory is nothing of the sort. It is not a rebuke of the system, but a product of it. Who is more establishment than Trump? While many in the oligarch class are horrified at Trump’s ascendance, many more will work with him, as necessary, to maintain their positions at the top of society. Many more will echo the Republican leadership in arguing that the savage beast can be tamed, contained, domesticated—and used. This ruling class arrogance will almost certainly lead to disaster, as it did during the last Bush administration. But the stakes are higher this time because the country is worse off at the outset. For a more mechanistic explanation of how unchecked capitalism created this mess, read up on a principle known as Gresham’s Dynamic. Without getting too technical, Gresham’s Dynamic describes systems where cheating is rewarded instead of punished. Because of the perverse incentives created for bad behavior, the worst people will inevitably rise to the top. Presto, President Trump.


The population of the United States is roughly double the entire human population 2000 years ago when Rome was a big deal. Think about that. It’s all about the oil. You guys know that.

Stemming the Rot in American Manufacturing May Defeat Even Trump

Take electronics. Trump seems to believe that by the simple expedient of imposing stiff tariffs on Chinese imports he can encourage Apple to make iPhones in America. In reality, this badly misdiagnoses the problem. Where the manufacture of sophisticated electronic consumer products is concerned, China is a much less significant player than meets the eye. The product may bear a “Made in China” label but this refers merely to the place of final assembly. Admittedly China does possess the knowhow to make some components but generally only the simpler ones such as the plastic housing for a smartphone. The serious components are made typically in high-wage nations like Japan and to a lesser extent Korea, Taiwan, and Germany. Meanwhile Japan reigns supreme as the source of many of the most important materials and production machinery used in the industry. Little noticed outside East Asia, such materials and machinery are the ultimate driver of the electronic revolution.

All this means that, as a practical matter, China’s contribution to a smartphone’s total added-value may amount to little more than a few percentage points. Thus tariffs on China alone will, with the best will in the world, create remarkably few American jobs.

Break Up the Democratic Party
It’s Time for the Clintons, Rubin to Go – and Soros too

Donald Trump is thus Obama’s legacy. Last week’s vote was a backlash. Hillary thought that getting Barack and Michelle Obama to campaign as her surrogates would help, but it turned out to be the kiss of death. Obama egged her on by urging voters to “save his legacy” by supporting her as his Third Term. But voters did not want his legacy of giveaways to the banks, the pharmaceutical and health-insurance monopolies.

Most of all, it was Hillary’s asking voters to ignore her economic loyalty to Wall Street simply to elect a woman, and her McCarthy-like accusations that Trump was “Putin’s candidate” (duly echoed by Paul Krugman). On Wednesday, Obama’s former Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul tweeted that “Putin intervened in our elections and succeeded.” It was as if the Republicans and even the FBI were a kind of fifth column for the KGB. Her receptiveness to cutting back Social Security and steering wage withholding into the stock market did not help – especially her hedge fund campaign contributors. Compulsory health-insurance fees continue to rise for healthy young people rise as the main profit center that Obamacare has offered the health-insurance monopoly.

The Anti-Trump Protesters Are Tools of the Oligarchy

I hope no one thinks that simultaneous protests in 25 cities were a spontaneous event. How did 25 independent protests manage to come up with the same slogans and the same signs on the same night following the election?

What is the point of the protests, and what interest is served by them? As the Romans always asked, “who benefits?”

There is only one answer: The Oligarchy and only the Oligarchy benefits.

Trump is a threat to the Oligarchy, because he intends peaceful relations with Russia. In order to replace the profitable Soviet Threat, the Oligarchy and their neoconservative agents worked overtime to recreate the “Russian Threat” by demonizing Russia.

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