A potential nightmare scenario has arrived for the electric-car industry

In any case, bringing self-driving tech to gas-powered cars doesn’t ask the automakers to create an entirely new fueling system. The winners in this space could be new entrants who avoid the “old” futurism of EVs and concentrate on the brave “new” future of autonomous mobility. I’m looking at you, Uber.

It’s becoming clear that the legacy problems of EVs are proving to be just as daunting as they always were. For automakers that have already committed to substantial EV programs, the risk is that they’ll be stuck with vehicles nobody wants to buy — and charging networks that nobody wants to use.

Iraqi Troops Increasingly Bogged Down in Mosul Invasion
Special Forces Make Gains, But Everyone Else Seems Stalled
by Jason Ditz, November 28, 2016

Rebels Abandon Northeastern Aleppo as Syrian Military Advances
Rebels Suffer Biggest Defeat in Aleppo Since 2012
by Jason Ditz, November 28, 2016

Pentagon Plans to Replace Afghan Air Force With US-Made Helicopters
US Had Bought Them a Whole Fleet of Russian Helicopters in Recent Years
by Jason Ditz, November 28, 2016

The Rediscovery of Men

Uniquely Talented
Only the Democrats Could Have Lost to Trump

They do not know that that in the bleak down-scale strip development of Jeff Davis Highway, a half-hour away, reeking of exhaust and blowing with trash, an aged veteran on crutches lives in a dismal residential motel. Every mourning he hobbles to Dixie Lee’s Diner–I forget its actual name–for a cheap breakfast because it is all he has. Or ever will. He is waiting to die. The elite don’t know, and wouldn’t care.

The upper crust are also moral frauds, though they do not know this either. Nice liberals to the roots of their teeth, in principle they believe that we should all love each other, and they hate anyone who doesn’t.

The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations (1979) – Christopher Lasch

Not the Future We Ordered: Peak Oil, Psychology, and the Myth of Progress (2013) – John Michael Greer
Greer is one of the smartest people alive and a keen observer of human nature, American culture, and resource constraint – but his prophecies continue to fail like everybody else’s. Is he aware of the irony? This is still one of the best books on peak oil and only 140 pages.

Schopenhauer: Essays and Aphorisms (1851) – Arthur Schopenhauer
Superb. Easy to read. Concise philosophy, psychology, and observations of human nature that hold up today.

Why I Left Goldman Sachs: A Wall Street Story (2012)- Greg Smith

Chasing Goldman Sachs: How the Masters of the Universe Melted Wall Street Down . . . And Why They’ll Take Us to the Brink Again (2010) – Suzanne McGee

Money and Power: How Goldman Sachs Came to Rule the World (2011) – William D. Cohan


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  1. we ought to mark this date down and see if any of us are still here in 2026.

    anyhoo, i’m sure that climate change is for real. but anyone who thinks that they “know” “for certain” how the interplay various atmospheric feedbacks will manifest themselves over the course of a decade is just fooling himself. which is fine, since that’s what people do all the time.

    i guess…

  2. “People do not go to hell after death. The designers and builders of hell are human beings. The designs and buildings are almost completed. It is becoming difficult to add more hell.”
    – Tamo-san

  3. eh, like i always say, you can run but you can’t hide, or, if the thunder don’t get ya, then the lighting will. i say a lot of stupid shit.

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