Interlude With Ludes


“Interlude With Ludes”

I’ve always been behind you
So I think we should meet
I’ve sharpened my knives
So I’m gonna use them

I’m gonna smother you with my love
Forever and ever, also forever
Acid and poison and chemicals baby
Is what I mean to provide
I know together, we’ll make the possible
Totally impossible

If you want me I’m yours
And even if you don’t want me
I’m trained and licensed and armed to the teeth
I think you’ll agree
It’s so hard to apologize
So I’m just gonna skip it
Sleep deprivation will make you a million
Did you just hear something crazy?

I got my fingers crossed you’ll catch something baby
Cause I just threw myself at you
Everyone run and hide
I’m coming to find you
Is my face still bleeding?
Then what is your problem?
By the skin of my teeth
That’s how I’m going to drive you

On the goodship lolly-gag
LSD and a bloody pile of rags
I hate to be the bearer of bad news
But I am…

-Them Crooked Vultures

A Short History of the Third Millennium

Fundamentally solve the “intelligence problem,” and all other problems become trivial.

The problem is that this problem is a very hard one, and our native wit is unlikely to suffice. Moreover, because problems tend to get harder, not easier, as you advance up the technological ladder, in a “business as usual” scenario with no substantial intelligence augmentation we will effectively only have a 100-200 year “window” to effect this breakthrough before global dysgenic fertility patterns rule it out entirely for a large part of the next millennium.

History After ‘The End of History’
Andrew Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt
January 09, 2017

Robert Gates, Pro and Con
by David R. Henderson, January 10, 2017

Saudi Arabia’s Dream of Domination Has Gone Up in Flames

The Trump Bubble

21 Replies to “Interlude With Ludes”

  1. “Little Tony was sitting on a park bench munching on one candy bar after another.
    After the 6th candy bar a man on the bench across from him said Son you know eating all that candy isn’t good for you. It will give you acne rot your teeth and make you fat.
    Little Tony replied ‘My grandfather lived to be 107 years old.’
    The man asked ‘Did your grandfather eat 6 candy bars at a time?’
    Little Tony answered ‘No he minded his own fucking business.” ~ Robert Anton Wilson, Email to the Universe and Other Alterations of Consciousness

  2. looked like Dooho had a chance there for awhile, but the champ showed all why he’s still the champ. if heavyweights boxed like these guys, the fight would be rather short. go So Cal!

  3. finished “The End of Moron” by Norman Pagett. good book, nothing we didn’t already know, but we special.

    reading Heinberg’s “Afterburn” collection of recent essays. for moi, it’s a diffcult read, moron like “Heartburn”. Heinburg either doesn’t get collapse and its ramifications, or he does, and is intellectualy dishonest. since he reads Kunstler and Tverberg, among others, i think it’s the latter, not the former. he wants to sell books.

  4. Gail Tverberg says:
    January 16, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    Read what I have to say about how the economy works here. It is fairly similar.

    I agree that additional debt (private or public) increases purchasing power within a country. It may very well decrease the country’s buying power in the world market. I talk about additional debt pulling the economy forward.

    I agree too, “In that sense if prior workers had been taxed more to “fund” their retirement it probably would not help much unless it lead to significant decrease in use of fossil fuels at the that time (so more would be available in the future).” For example, Social Security taxes were higher than needed to pay benefits to existing retirees, in an attempt to “sort of” pre-fund the cost of the baby boomer bulge. But in fact, the US government, (as well as every other government in the world, and the world food supply) operates on a pay as you go basis. So the taxes were simply used to reduce the total amount of debt “held by the public.” That is a big piece of the difference between the two debt figures you see for the Federal Government. It is not possible to pre-fund retirement programs with higher taxes.

    A major function of debt is to increase demand for fossil fuels, so the price will be higher and will enable extraction by making extraction of fossil fuels profitable. For quite a while, the strategy of more and more debt “worked” to make the economy grow, because it allowed fossil fuel prices to exceed the cost of extraction, at the time the cost of extraction was rising because of depletion. Now the strategy is not working; fossil fuel prices are too low, with or without more debt. Ultimately, the economy is likely to collapse, because prices are too low. Companies extracting fossil fuels will go bankrupt.

    What really matters is the amount of goods and services the economy is creating (or really, the goods and services per capita, that the economy is creating). That, in turn depends on whether the quantity of fossil fuels and other energy products is rising, in order to leverage human labor to provide greater productivity. For a while, rising debt allowed this whole chain to happen (rising debt, led to rising fossil fuel extraction, led to more machines and other leveraging of human labor, led to more goods and services being produced). Because of depletion, this is no longer working; fossil fuel prices stay too low, even with more debt. The quantity of goods and services being produced (per capita) is very close to falling. When this happens, the economy tends to collapse. All of those who thought that the debt they were holding would be helpful, will be quite surprised.

    What is important in the future is how much goods and services the economy can produce. If the economy can’t create goods and services, all outstanding debt, plus all outstanding shares of stock, will be worth.

  5. so when things fall apart, as in collapse, you got basically two choices, as i see it. one, you continue on where you are and, if populated, your chances are that someone will take whatever your provisions may be by stealth or by force, leaving you to die. the longer you hold out, the better your chances of longer-term survival, as most others succumb.

    two, you get to your doomsday getaway spot, probably in a lower population area, say in rural virginia, for example. you have it provisioned, perhaps also with some *tended* livestock, and you have adequate stores of guns and ammo to protect it. (plus get some guard geese–you can always eat some, later.) as bad as it may seem, the worst will be over in a few months to a year or so. the cities will depopulate, and its former denisons will be as hard to find as those pidgeons in the park after the food handouts stop coming. they will simply die in place of starvation or die of exposure/starvation/lead poisoning trying to get to someplace else.

    this is not even your concern. you can probably make a solitary attempt at 1800s farming in north or south america. of course, in n. a. the stupid nuclear industry will leave you with radioactive material poisoning, if close to a former nuke plant. so you need to avoid them and know something of the wind patterns in your area.

    boats are the best doomsday getaway vehicles, and give you the most options, c.f. ClubOrlov. the problems with them are knowing how to sail, and getting lucky with the weather when all modern warning systems are down. of course, the intensification and number of storms has and will continue to increase with global warming, cutting into your suvival chances at sea.

  6. completely agree about enjoying the present. it’s just that the way this collapse is likely to play out, a few smart moves may make it much moron easier to survive, assuming surviving is an option for you. it could be like going on a camping trip, like forever.

  7. Yes. Sports. We do now. There is like nothing happening in the news. It is all fake news. No good new wars. Nowhere worth the trouble of invading. No massacres or riots. So boring. Just sports.

  8. Yeah, we used to have Sports. Good to see it return. We also had an Aquaculture section for Yarra’s posts. Wonder how that’s getting along?

    Don’t worry about the news, I’m sure Trump will come up with something, soon.

  9. i like the new technology of an inflatable backpack, to use when caught in an avalanche. of course, you’d have to know you were caught in one, to inflate it in time. also, it could get punctured by a rock or some ice. i guess they thought about that, maybe some tough Gortex-like fabric used?

    have you seen Michelen’s new bullet-proof tires?

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