Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.


On the psychoses that animate the most powerful man in the world

In a footnote to Sigmund Freud’s Civilization and its Discontents, we might find the root of an answer. It’s one of the good doctor’s few comprehensive exegeses on the subject of pissing (along with the oft-quoted line from St Augustine that we are inter faeces et urinam nascimur, born between piss and shit) but a rich one. The human mastery of fire, he writes, was only possible once men could restrain themselves from the pleasure of pissing all over any fire they encountered and putting it out. Men is the operative word here—for the woman, whose “anatomy makes it impossible for her to yield to such a temptation,” this urinary pleasure is inaccessible. A faint image emerges of women frustrated for thousands of years, constantly discovering fire, drawing themselves to the precipice of a long steep slide into advanced technological civilisation—only for the men of the tribe to arrive, honking and hollering, extinguishing the germ of all future society with joyful streams of piss.

The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All

It’s obvious that it’s just fine for Bernie to have shitty votes on his record (like voting against immigration reform, against closing Gitmo, siding with the Republicans on gun control multiple times, and actively pushed a bill to dump nuclear waste from Vermont and Maine to Sierra Blanca, TX which severely impacted a poor Latinx community) because he’s just “looking out for his constituents in Vermont” but any other Dem who has ONE shitty vote on their record is a “neoliberal corporate shill” who’s “doing the bidding of the 1%”. And I just love how you motherfuckers are happily tearing down Booker for accepting Big Pharma money to fund his 2014 Senate campaign but don’t say jack shit about Sanders taking more than $300,000 from the pharmaceutical industry in 2016 — only two senators accepted more (and neither one was Booker). You don’t say a damn thing about Sanders OWNING STOCK in Pfizer and investing in Novartis.

Physicists have created a new form of hydrogen
The most abundant element in the Universe just got interesting.

Should we care? Did it? Did it just get interesting? Just now? I’m not feeling it.

Obama Out
As a great orator leaves office, we have reached peak speech

The Foreign Plot to Oust Trump
It stretches from London to Langley to Kiev – and several points in between
by Justin Raimondo, January 13, 2017

To begin with, anyone who thinks Orbis is a “private” intelligence agency, totally separate from MI6, the legendary British intelligence service, is delusional. These agencies – there are several, including the notorious Halykut, which recently surfaced in China – are simply extensions of the parent organization, MI6, which is, itself, intertwined with similar spook outfits in the US and throughout Europe. It’s an international fraternity, one that shares information, contacts, and a common worldview – and this last is what brings it into conflict with the President-elect.


The latest word is that Steele, “in fear for his life,” has fled his multi-million-dollar estate and is hiding in a “safe house,” perhaps in “another country.” Has anyone looked in Lindsey Graham’s closet? Those two drama queens should get along famously.

The U.S. Intelligence Community Freaks Out About Russia
The declassified CIA report comes up short.
Andrea O’Sullivan | January 10, 2017

This new Russian scare has also underscored the dramatic recent reversal of ideological allegiances. Reliable Republican war-hawks are now joined with formerly antagonistic Democrats in their lock step support of the intelligence community. All of a sudden, liberals seems to have forgotten their previous complaints about CIA torture methods, mass surveillance, and foreign subversion. For the first time since these polls have been conducted, Democrats support the CIA more than Republicans do.

Israeli soldier convicted for revenge killing

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  1. I don’t understand how people live. It’s amazing to me that people wake up every morning and say, “Yeah, another day, let’s do it!” – Bojack Horseman

  2. pour moi, i live from one football season to the next. basketball and baseball are poor substitutes. i get alot of chores done in the winter through summer. i know it’s stupid, but i’m a creature of habit.

  3. “Only those who succeed at blocking their level of awareness and manage to construct a fallacious fantasy inside their minds, are able to enjoy the mundane and tedious routine of existence. For the rest, it’s all about a dreadful test of physical struggle and mental endurance.
    It’s utterly distressing for an awakened mind to come to terms and fully understand that all that will come next—starting from this point, and all the way towards death—is either a recycled repetition, or a slightly modified version of: sleep, eat, drink, work, study, mindless recreation, shit, piss, sex, play, socialization, useless distraction, and rinse and repeat it all over again the next day. And the day after that one, and the other, and the other one too…

    Existence not only needs, but it practically demands the individuals to distort and alter their reality in a dishonest way, just to manage to withstand the colossal futility and the dismal emptiness that it can always be found inside of it.
    Just to forget and ignore that they are slaves of their dull cerebral demands, and puppets of their vain carnal desires.
    Limited and defined by an insipid cycle of absolute nothingness.

    And, for those who are simply too rational to subdue towards such absurdly ridiculous demand, the whole thing quickly transforms into an insufferable ordeal…

    If you refuse to live a lie or cannot adapt to play by these awful rules, you are doomed to patiently wait for the ending; while in the meantime, you are forced to experience an atrocious amount of pointless occurrences that are going to contain nothing but more of the same old tiring existential stupidity.

    Needless to say that existence is not a very good deal, and sadly, if you are already here obliged to exist, you are stuck with it until departure.
    There is no salvation, no liberation and no way to obtain absolution, other than to seek after death and the soothing effect of its eternal rest.

    – Matthias Jablonka

  4. i’m enjoying a very nice aussie ginger beer at the moment, and tonight, after i finish my proposal inserts to a pending proposal submission, so i can build and play with my new gismo in the sierra mountains this summer, i plan to have some nice ipa and perhaps a scotch or two after dinner. so, for me at the moment, life does not completely suck.

    sucks that the packers and steelers lost today.

  5. apparently ginger has antibacterial properties. i’ve heard that’s why japanses restaurants place slices of pickeled ginger with your sushi. probably a good idea to eat some with all that raw seafood.

  6. i just hope prez trump hangs in there long enough to kick some shit out of the deep state actors. i think it may be up to the military how long he gets to shake things up there. military = wild card.

  7. this is from the new yorker, so take it with some salt, i guess:

    haven’t read it all yet. but it reminds me of someone i know who leads an even moron charmed life that lives on a small island north of Puget Sound. i’ve seen pictures of his home there–nice. teaches at the local CC, but that’s just a cover, he’s retired and is well off. only thing that’s apt to get him is a tsunami, or old age disease.

  8. “But where is the antidote for lucid despair, perfectly articulated, proud, and sure? All of us are miserable, but how many know it? The consciousness of misery is too serious a disease to figure in an arithmetic of agonies or in the catalogues of the Incurable. It belittles the prestige of hell, and converts the slaughterhouses of time into idyls. What sin have you committed to be born, what crime to exist? Your suffering like your fate is without motive. To suffer, truly to suffer, is to accept the invasion of ills without the excuse of causality, as a favor of demented nature, as a negative miracle…”

    ~Emil Cioran~

  9. JHK has been really good for the last year with his observations of social issues and explanations of how things work. But his success rate with predictions is still pretty bad. I’m curious why he has never seemed to be aware of this.

    The stuff about a Trump coup or assassination or impeachment is a common view and plausible but unlikely. But JHK is starting to look like a poster child for John Michael Greer’s analysis of the failures of prophecy. It is getting ridiculous.

    He just set a specific date for a massive economic collapse. By the end of May (That’s what early second quarter means, right?).

    The economy has been stagnant for a long time, sub-2% growth. The official unemployment numbers are cooked, but we’ve known that for 20 years. I have no doubt that we are in a lot of trouble and our leaders have no clue, but I just don’t see anything that augurs the specifics of JHK’s predictions. He’s kinda nutty like that.

  10. JR, completely agree with your analysis of JHK. he’s a great writer and social critic, but terrible at predictions. he always gets the stock market wrong. he’s so consistently bad at it that some of his readers claim to make money betting against him!

    I think Gail Tverberg is close to having it right, but her timing is off because she doesn’t allow for continuing financial tricks that keep the can kicked.

    BTW, i predicted a Trump presidency right here on ZK back when most thought that he was a cruel joke. we should look up the comment.

  11. doomphd on February 10, 2016 at 3:01 am said:

    see? i told you that people were fed up with the bought-and-paid-for candidates and that outsiders like Trump and Sanders would get the votes. i’m sure they’ll be the respective party candidates going forward. in fact, Trump will have a harder time winning against Sanders than Hillary, but i predict Trump will prevail in the fall.

    Trump is the Andrew Jackson of our time. he is scary popular.

    i’m saving my presidential vote for Bernie.”

    google search-
    trump doom

    {search terms} site: {url}

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