Cunt Power


This is an excellent explanation of what is going on.
Karl Rove’s Prophecy

A disadvantage of being part of the elite is that you must stick to the accepted story. If you deviate from it, and have your thoughts run rather far away from it, which is quite inevitable once you begin with your deviation, you can no longer be trusted by those around you. If you are a journalist and depend for your income on a mainstream newspaper or are hired by a TV company, you run the risk of losing your job if you do not engage in self-censorship.

Consequently, publications that used to be rightly known as quality newspapers have turned into unreadable rags.

As a result American and European populations have been dropped into a fantasy world, one under constant threat from terrorists and an evil dictator in Moscow.

Sticking to the official story because you have to may not be quite as bad as forced religious conversion with a gun pointed at your head, but it belongs to the same category.

We all owe thanks to writers of Internet-based samizdat literature who’ve recently reminded us that the pejorative use of the conspiracy label stems from one of the greatest misinformation successes of the CIA begun in 1967.

Half of Boston or all of France can be placed under undeclared martial law to tell people: yes, we have you under full control!

You will have noticed a fairly common response when the 9/11 massacre enters a discussion. Smart people will say that they “will not go there”, which brings to mind the “here be dragons” warning on uncharted bits of medieval maps. That response is not stupid. It hints at an understanding that there is no way back once you enter that realm. There is simply no denying that if you accept the essential conclusions of the official 9/11 report you must also concede that laws of nature stopped working on that particular day. And, true enough, if you do go there and bear witness publicly to what you see, you may well be devoured; your career in many government positions, the media and even academia is likely to come to an end.

Mapping the motives of those who decide “not to go there” may be a way to begin breaking through this disastrous deadlock.

The triumph of political untruth has brought into being a vast system of political intimidation. Remember then that the intimidator does not really care what you believe or not, but impresses you with the fact that you have no choice.


Heat And Futility
By ROD DREHER • January 18, 2017

Marking another milestone for a changing planet, scientists reported on Wednesday that the Earth reached its highest temperature on record in 2016 — trouncing a record set only a year earlier, which beat one set in 2014. It is the first time in the modern era of global warming data that temperatures have blown past the previous record three years in a row.

A Parting Shot at Personal Freedom
by Andrew P. Napolitano, January 19, 2017

When Uber Bares Its Hoard
With cities eager for data, how little do the gig-lords have to give?
Jathan Sadowski January 18, 2017

Uber Movement is a partnership that requires feigned ignorance on both sides. Cities welcome the data but fail to ask hard questions about how it was initially collected and stored. Remember, this is the same company that refused to fire a top employee, New York general manager Josh Mohrer, when he used an aerial “God View” of Manhattan to track the exact location of a reporter he perceived as a threat. This is the same company that, as of last month, tracks its passengers for up to five minutes after they’ve disembarked, even if they’re no longer using the app. This is the same company that asks drivers to submit to meaningful supervision of their movements while on the job but continues to insist that they are “gig” workers, not employees.

A Pledge for More of the Same at the Pentagon
James Mattis has no new ideas for solving America’s most intractable conflicts. Neither does congress.

The most intriguing aspect of the exchange between Mattis and members of the committee was the absolute absence of interest, from either side, in how the armed forces of the United States have performed in recent years. In Afghanistan, in the now-resumed war in Iraq, in U.S. combat operations, large and small, in Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria—none has yielded anything approximating conclusive victory. However you define U.S. aims and objectives—promoting stability? Spreading democracy? Reducing the incidence of Islamist terrorism?—they remain unfulfilled. Yet no senator thought to ask Mattis for his views on why that has been the case, what conclusions he draws from that absence of success, and how he might apply those conclusions as defense secretary.


Jamie Dimon’s head is apparently empty of any insights…or anything. It is hard to be this much of a twit.

At a private lunch in Davos, Jamie Dimon was asked about the elephant in the room

Scenes from a pussy riot


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  1. the real problem is, non-white people, have been convinced, along with white people, particularly white males, that they’re somehow special, deserving of special consideration, which as lead to identity politics, and nonfunny shitbags like anzia adfuchface, or whatever….

  2. “Only those who succeed at blocking their level of awareness and manage to construct a fallacious fantasy inside their minds, are able to enjoy the mundane and tedious routine of existence. For the rest, it’s all about a dreadful test of physical struggle and mental endurance.
    It’s utterly distressing for an awakened mind to come to terms and fully understand that all that will come next—starting from this point, and all the way towards death—is either a recycled repetition, or a slightly modified version of: sleep, eat, drink, work, study, mindless recreation, shit, piss, sex, play, socialization, useless distraction, and rinse and repeat it all over again the next day. And the day after that one, and the other, and the other one too…

    Existence not only needs, but it practically demands the individuals to distort and alter their reality in a dishonest way, just to manage to withstand the colossal futility and the dismal emptiness that it can always be found inside of it.
    Just to forget and ignore that they are slaves of their dull cerebral demands, and puppets of their vain carnal desires.
    Limited and defined by an insipid cycle of absolute nothingness.

    And, for those who are simply too rational to subdue towards such absurdly ridiculous demand, the whole thing quickly transforms into an insufferable ordeal…

    If you refuse to live a lie or cannot adapt to play by these awful rules, you are doomed to patiently wait for the ending; while in the meantime, you are forced to experience an atrocious amount of pointless occurrences that are going to contain nothing but more of the same old tiring existential stupidity.

    Needless to say that existence is not a very good deal, and sadly, if you are already here obliged to exist, you are stuck with it until departure.
    There is no salvation, no liberation and no way to obtain absolution, other than to seek after death and the soothing effect of its eternal rest.

    – Matthias Jablonka

  3. Society itself is a codified hero system, which means that society everywhere is a living myth of the significance of human life, a defiant creation of meaning. Every society thus is a “religion” whether it thinks so or not: Soviet “religion” and Maoist “religion” are as truly religious as are scientific and consumer “religion,” no matter how much they may try to disguise themselves by omitting religious and spiritual ideas from their lives. – Ernest Becker.

  4. black holes consume moron energy in a few micro-seconds than humans have since they figured out fire. we are insignificant on the cosmic scale, mere sports of nature. enjoy the show. make some popcorn.

  5. speaking of popcorn, keith henderson over at OFW mentioned the other day that the US corn crop cycles the entire Earth’s atmosphere through it in a year. amazing, if true. some smarties were thinking of GMOing the corn’s genes to burn methane, this clensing the atmosphere of a potent greenhouse gas. go team!

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