Who Is Brian?


2017: A Spy Odyssey
Can Trump control the CIA?
Corey Pein
January 25, 2017

“We were unbelievably successful in the election with getting the vote of the military. And probably almost everybody in this room voted for me, but I will not ask you to raise your hands if you did. But I would guarantee a big portion. Because we’re all on the same wavelength, folks. We’re all on the same wavelength, right? He knows. It took Brian about thirty seconds to figure that one out, right? Because we know. We’re on the same wavelength.”

“Who is Brian?” is an interesting question, but probably not the first one that came to those who heard Trump speak. Bear in mind, Trump faced possibly the most paranoid audience on earth—several hundred professional spies, saboteurs, and killers. These are people who second-guess every assumption and look for the hidden subtext in every word. And here was the president telling them he didn’t need a show of hands to see who supported him, because he already knew “almost” everyone there voted for him. Implicit in that formulation: he knew that some of the people in that room opposed him. He also made clear he knew some people there by name. Hi, Brian! Who is Brian?

22 Replies to “Who Is Brian?”

  1. yes, who is brian? all i can say is that, so far, i’m really enjoying the trump regime (3 days in?). the entertainment potential is huge…

  2. Carl Sagan is dead but I can kinda understand why he might need to make a 5 minute doco on “this is earth” . You meet some people that make you forget.

  3. “Life is full of suffering, and its chief purpose is pleasure. There is no god and no after-life; men are the helpless puppets of the blind natural forces that made them, and that gave them their unchosen ancestry and their inalienable character. The wise man will accept this fate without complaint, but will not be fooled by all the nonsense of Confucius and Mozi about inherent virtue, universal love, and a good name: morality is a deception practised upon the simple by the clever; universal love is the delusion of children, who do not know the universal enmity that forms the law of life; and a good name is a posthumous bauble which the fools who paid so dearly for it cannot enjoy. In life the good suffer like the bad, and the wicked seem to enjoy themselves more keenly than the good” – Yangzi

  4. OFW Comment:

    JT Roberts says:
    January 28, 2017 at 9:09 am

    I think we only diverge on our definition of resource limits. The US hit them in the 70s. The world seems to have hit them in 2001. Affordability is absolutely the issue. The accumulation of debt has kept the boat afloat till now. So looking back we see the crises of ever harder to get more costly resources is actually behind us. Much of what we presently are living on is legacy infrastructure built during an age of low cost resources. These things represent energy that’s imbedded in them. Do to entropy every hour of every day that energy is being depleted. The system has simply outgrown its sustainable levels even without resource depletion. So if financial manipulation has got us to this point, in essence masking the collapse, there is only a resource wall in our future.

  5. Thanks EE!

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