Masterpiece of Confusion

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen, but Cockburn has been right about a lot of stuff. Jus sayin

Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Will Only Lead to More Terrorist Attacks

-Like leaders everywhere Isis commanders will wonder how unhinged Trump really is.

-Donald Trump’s travel ban on refugees and visitors from seven Muslim countries entering the US makes a terrorist attack on Americans at home or abroad more rather than less likely.

-a few bombs or shootings directed at American targets will lead to more scatter-gun persecution of Muslims.

-Isis will also see that by pressing their attacks they will deepen divisions within American society.

-in practice it was the excesses of the counter-terrorism apparatus such as torture and rendition, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib which acted as the recruiting sergeant for the Salafi-jihadi movements.

-with Trump fuelling the sectarian war between Muslims and non-Muslims which Isis and al-Qaeda always wanted to wage, their prospects look brighter today than they have for a long time past.

My gut is telling me this is not a good thing for the future. Unless you work repairing driverless robot-delivery-vans or drones. Walmart sucks anyway. Target is so much better.
Walmart just undercut Amazon’s most valuable perk

I’m more than a little skeptical about this. Too simple.
Why Succeeding Against the Odds Can Make You Sick
JAN. 27, 2017

Goodbye Susan Rice, Hello National Security Options

No other country has a conventional capability to reach America. The United States enjoys the protection of large oceans in the east and west that are buttressed by overwhelming maritime superiority. America also benefits from Pacific neighbors north and south and is backed by air superiority. Thus, the United States will not be invaded. It will not be blockaded or bombarded. In this way, the national security adviser—along with the president, secretary of state and other U.S. officials—need not worry about the sort of potential threats facing virtually every other nation on earth. That includes America’s chief rivals, China and Russia.

What we all need is for John McCain to hang himself (Now).
The U.S. Air Force Need More Than 300 Light Attack Aircraft (Now)

Reading Rene Girard At The End Of The World
By ROD DREHER • January 30, 2017

“The Apocalypse is not some invention. If we are without sacrifices, either we’re going to love each other or we’re going to die. We have no more protection against our own violence. Therefore, we are confronted with a choice: either we’re going to follow the rules of the Kingdom of God or the situation is going to get infinitely worse.”

-Rene Girard

Exclusive: Millions of barrels of Venezuelan oil stuck at sea in dirty tankers

Since debt-laden PDVSA cannot afford to have the ships cleaned, they have to wait for weeks to navigate international waters, delaying shipments.

Metal Gods

“That was the last time Dave Holland played with the band,” he said, pointing a spray bottle at the orchid and blasting each leaf with a cloud of mist. “Which is fine if you ask me, because he was an asshole, but that’s when the band started to fall apart.” He stepped back and examined the plant for a moment. “Still, they played ‘Sinner’, which they hadn’t played since ’84. It was almost like they knew the end was coming so they went back to the set list from the ‘Killing Machine’ era.”

I wasn’t familiar with the ‘Killing Machine’ era, nor did I have a clue who Dave Holland was, but I understood Phil’s language. I spoke it fluently in my youth, a time when my bedroom walls were covered in cutouts of men in spandex and eye makeup, a time that, for Phil, had extended well into his thirties.

He went on about Judas Priest for another twenty minutes, becoming more passionate as he detailed their rise and fall. “By 1988, everything was synthesizers. Look at the intro to ‘Blood Red Skies’, for Christ’s sake. Tell me that doesn’t sound like Tears For Fears!” Coworkers passed by my office, gawking at Phil as he leaned over my desk, his hand gripping the garden trowel, his mouth foaming with white spit. “Marketing!” he said. “It’s all goddamned marketing!”

17 Replies to “Masterpiece of Confusion”

  1. so, i guess that jhk is going to be doing cfn twice a week. we are truly in dire straights, there can be no clearer sign. the end is nigh and jhk will prove all you doubters wrong. dow @ 4000 for memorial day !!!

  2. Good stuff, Dave. I can always count on you to supply my Facebook posts. I’m putting Hick on my Netflix list. There is like nothing interesting to watch anymore. Thank God for books.

  3. speaking of good movies, i saw the most wonderful film on TCM like two nights ago. it’s in euro land someplace. it’s cold and snow is everywhere. this guy has a friend take him to his girlfriend’s pad. it’s snowing outside in the city, icy roads, beware. the friend leaves his friend (our guy) with his girlfriend on some weather excuse. she’s extremely intelligent and she wants to make love, but he’s ambivalent and ends up talking himself out of a good lay (how do we know this? because she’s a brunette, that’s why, “a person of color”, all you nazis and trumpsters).

    the next morning, the guy stops this pretty tallish blonde riding her bike. he wants to get to know her better, but she says maybe next time. Next time is in a snowfall the next day. He offers her a ride to her house in his car. he ends up at her house, snowed in, but does not get laid–girl is too shy, conservative, religious, but a looker. He keeps after her, getting no place fast (in Europe, this is unbelievable). she finally confesses to a lover, but he’s just left her for good, gone to another city. our guy says fine (what else?, let’s do the math together). The good news is she’s about 8 years younger than him and pretty.

    They get married and have a boy. One day at the beach in summer, he meets the woman he almost made it with that eventful night in the city. The wife and boy go on to the beach. He has a nice chat with the woman, 5 years have gone by, but it seems like yesterday. She finally tells him to go on or his wife will get ideas. He complies, chats with the wife about it all for about 2 minutes. Finally, the wife says “let’s go for a swim”. They do. Camera pans the beach. The end. English subtitles.

    sorry, don’t know the title of this movie.

  4. anyhoo, i think the underlying theme is about times arrow, and the fact that depending on which road you take, history is contingent, no going back to re-route.

  5. “Our life is like a journey on which, as we advance, the landscape takes a different view from that which it presented at first, and changes again, as we come nearer.” – Schopenhauer

  6. To JR:
    We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.

    –excerpt, Little Gidding,T.S. Eliot

  7. Arrival is worth seeing. I really liked it. Friends of mine have said it didn’t do anything for them. It wasn’t like life-changing or anything. I mean it is a standard Sci-Fi alien fare – in other words, not true. But it makes you think a little.

    It is done well and the cinematography is really good. It is a beautiful movie visually. This is the work of Denis Villeneuve.

    All his movies are worth seeing.

    Sicario – best drug war movie ever
    Prisoners – freaky
    Enemy – freaky take on classic Dostoevskiy tale of guy that meets his double.
    Incendies – maybe one of the most surprising twists ever in a movie bizarrely about the Lebanese Civil War and torture. My favorite of his.

  8. thanks JR. i hope Arrival is not a fancy version of Rod Serling’s “To Serve Man”, the title of an alien book which when finally decoded, at last minute, if not after the last minute, is found to be a cookbook.

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