Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah

Since When Is Being a Woman a Liberal Cause?

Clusterfuck Nation – Made For Each Other

There are too many fault lines in the mighty edifice of our accounting fraud for the global banking system to keep limping along, to keep pretending it can meet its obligations. These fault lines run through the bond markets, the stock markets, the banks themselves at all levels, the government offices that pretend to regulate spending, the offices that affect to report economic data, the offices that neglect to regulate criminal misconduct, the corporate boards and C-suites, the insurance companies, the pension funds, the guarantors of mortgages, car loans, and college loans, and the ratings agencies. The pervasive accounting fraud bleeds a criminal ethic into formerly legitimate enterprises like medicine and higher education, which become mere rackets, extracting maximum profits while skimping on delivery of the goods.

Tesla is enjoying an epic stock surge

How Corporate Media Paved the Way for Trump’s Muslim Ban

‘New Atheist’ Islamophobia

Bill Maher is a fan of Bernie Sanders, a huge Obama booster and a frequent subject of write-ups on liberal websites for his latest dig aimed at Republicans. Maher is also a pro-war ideologue with a long history of bigoted statements about Muslims.

On his popular HBO show Real Time, Maher has repeatedly railed against Muslim immigration into Europe and the United States. He once declared that “civilization begins with civilizing the men; talk to women who’ve ever dated an Arab man. The results are not good.” Maher has repeatedly downplayed the killing of Palestinians in Gaza, even once comparing Hamas to a “crazy woman” whose wrists you could only hold “so long before you have to slap her.”

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  1. Of course he did. These people are all scum. We need to bring back the French Revolution. Committee for Public Safety. Guillotine and all that.

  2. reminds me of an old girlfriend, many moons ago. once, during pillow talk, i asked her how many boyfriend-type encounters she had had, with different guys. she was about 22 y.o. at the time. she thought about it, and replied about 17. i was dumbfounded, truely without words. what a slut. obviously, she got an early start on adulthood.

    she married a hog farmer in japan, sort of an arranged marriage (she was japanese american, father and mother from japan). she said he treated her mean, hit her even (translation: he got upset at her slutting around on him) so she left, and moved back to hawaii.

    she was a lot like paul simon’s cecelia. would have made a good hooker, but preferred amateur.

  3. I have a bunch of female friends who are under 30. And a bunch more who are under 40. They are almost all like that now. They are so open about their promiscuity and think nothing of it. Freedom. But then they turn 30 and all of a sudden they want kids. But they aren’t married. And they can’t understand why they can’t find a caring, romantic man (or maybe that was just this past Tuesday).

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