Exterminate the Brutes!

Evebody just eat as much candy as you want because this is probably our last Easter on Earth.





Ironically, the Syria attack may be the best chance for the hysterical, anti-Trump, pussy-hat gang to impeach the President but they are not paying attention. Ever since their predictions of the next Hitler fizzled they have lost interest.

Where Was CIA’s Pompeo on Syria?
April 8, 2017

Witness: “he screamed like a hooker bit his sack”


The Syria cruise-missile strike is the most important event of Emperor Trump’s reign so far. It is the the most important event since Trump’s election and the Iran-nuclear deal of 2016.

How Media Bias Fuels Syrian Escalation
April 10, 2017
[some good comments after this one]

The Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria
A Quick Turnaround Assessment of the White House Intelligence Report Issued on April 11, 2017

The explosive acted on the pipe as a blunt crushing mallet. It drove the pipe into the ground while at the same time creating the crater. Since the pipe was filled with sarin, which is an incompressible fluid, as the pipe was flattened the sarin acted on the walls and ends of the pipe causing a crack along the length of the pipe and also the failure of the cap on the back end. This mechanism of dispersal is essentially the same as hitting a toothpaste tube with a large mallet, which then results in the tube failing and the toothpaste being blown in many directions depending on the exact way the toothpaste skin ruptures.

16 Replies to “Exterminate the Brutes!”

  1. end times story: our youngest son just got his driver’s license. it took four (4) attempts. he bought a nice used car, so had to wait for his regsitration in the mail. not knowing this, he and his mother drove about 20 miles to a DMV for his road test appointment. try no. 1 resulted in his rejection because he only had a temporary registration. meanwhile, an official looking card arrives in the mail, but it still had the dealership’s name as owner of the car. try no. 2 involves a second appointment at the 20-mile DMV location wherapon he and his mother learn that since his name is not on the registration, it does not matter how nice and official it looks, reject. finally, the real registration with his name on it arrives in the mail, so a third appointment is made at the 20-mile DMV location. this time he gets to take the road test after paying a road test fee. as luck would have it, he gets a big middle-aged, part-Hawaiian woman examiner with attitude (cue Kevin Spicer, as portrayed by Melissa above) and she flunks him because of perceived reckless driving, plus he hit the curb on his parallel parking test. finally, after the mandatory one-week waiting period, he gets another appintment at the same 20-mile location and this time he gets a nice man who passes him without any marks off.

    you could not make this shit up.

  2. BTW, Doom, I got the record for most demerit points on a driving test that I know of.
    150 points, max is 4 (at the time).
    Suffice to say once I saw the bald middle aged examiner making too many notes I gave up and had some fun; undertaking at pedestrian crossings, skipping gears, etc. All good fun. At the time I didn’t know I had zero chance of getting my licence anyway as it was just before a long weekend.

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