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North Korea

The Cost of Free-Riding
Why South Korea may come to regret its dependence on the U.S.
By TED GALEN CARPENTER • April 18, 2017


The Problem Is Washington, Not North Korea
MIKE WHITNEY • APRIL 17, 2017 • 1,800 WORDS


Who Really Started the Korean War?
Forget the Trumanite mythology
by Justin Raimondo, April 19, 2017


How to Bring Down the Elephant in the Room
THE SAKER • APRIL 16, 2017 • 6,300 WORDS


NYT Mocks Skepticism on Syria-Sarin Claims


The Battle for France
The new intellectualism of cultural anxiety
By SCOTT MCCONNELL • April 20, 2017

Bill O’Reilly Disgraces War Reporting
“The No Spin Zone” host wants war-zone glory without the sacrifices made by real battlefield correspondents.
By MICHAEL FUMENTO • March 4, 2015

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  1. yeah, i don’t know, but france in particular, and europe in general, seem to be some sort of outlandish joke, a trope of some sort. for example, who is france’s (europe’s) most outstanding popular writer? that dude hoollenbeque {sic} ? yet, our all american, john dolan, shames him in terms of both style and content. yet, remains relatively unknown, on both sides of the pond. where is the reason in any of this?

  2. Gail Tverberg says:
    April 22, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Stuart McMillen explains Hubbert’s (wrong) theory about peak oil. Hubbert missed the point that oil doesn’t come out, just because it wants to come out. It comes out, because the price is high enough to support its extraction. It comes out because the rest of society has ways that can use the oil that is extracted, in a way that will keep oil price at a high enough level. The oil production has to be inexpensive enough, and extracted with a sufficient lack of “complexity,” that wages of non-elite workers can remain quite high. These high wages of non-elite workers are what keep the oil price high enough to enable extraction.

    Once prices drop too low, production can continue for a short time, as lenders allow more and more debt. But eventually, the system will collapse. The shape of the curve will look just like the St. Matthew Island curve. It will follow the “normal” pattern for a while, and then it will fall more of less straight down.

    Way too many have believed Hubbert and his flawed logic. There is no 50% of the oil left, for future extraction. Once oil production starts going down, the party is over. The “economics” of the day was not really correct

  3. yeah, as far as global industrialism goes, finance seems to be the weak link and will be the end of that system. as far as pumping and burning oil goes, i think that the relevant calculus still revolves around eroei. if there is an energy gain to be exploited, it will be, i think. one must account for the no longer available embedded energy of industry. i think…

  4. yah, especially the St. Andrews Island one. tried using the zoom, but at some point it kicks you out.

    if the second half of the oil out there is too expensive (too low ERoEI) to extract, then the last panel that shows Hubbert at the peak is accurate, as it’s straight down after that.

  5. ski maneuver a bit moron spectacular than my left knee injury on Mt. Ruapehu in NZ back in 1996. Snapped by ACL. Pain was exquisite, though.

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