Do You, Mr. Jones…?
Clusterfuck Nation
May 22nd, 2017

In case you wonder how our politics fell into such a slough of despond, the answer is pretty simple. Neither main political party, or their trains of experts, specialists, and mouthpieces, can construct a coherent story about what is happening in this country — and the result is a roaring wave of recursive objurgation and wrath that loops purposelessly towards gathering darkness.

What’s happening is a slow-motion collapse of the economy. Neither Democrats or Republicans know why it is so remorselessly underway. A tiny number of well-positioned scavengers thrive on the debris cast off by the process of disintegration, but they don’t really understand the process either — the lobbyists, lawyers, bankers, contractors, feeders at the troughs of government could not be more cynical or clueless.



Heavy Duty:
Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Sinister Stewards of the National Security State
MIKE WHITNEY • MAY 19, 2017 • 3,200 WORDS

Are we suggesting that the heads of the so called Intelligence Community are at war with the Trump Administration and paving the way for impeachment proceedings?

Yep, we sure are. The Russia hacking fiasco is a regime change operation no different than the CIA’s 50-or-so other oustings in the last 70 years. The only difference is that this operation is on the home field which is why everyone is so flustered. These things are only suppose to happen in those “other” countries.

Does this analysis make me a Donald Trump supporter?

Never. The idea is ridiculous. Trump might be the worst US president of all time, in fact, he probably is. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other nefarious forces at work behind the smokescreen of democratic government. There are. In fact, this whole flap suggests that there’s an alternate power-structure that operates completely off the public’s radar and has the elected-government in its death-grip. This largely invisible group of elites controls the likes of Brennan, Clapper and Comey. And, apparently, they have enough influence to challenge and maybe even remove an elected president from office. (We’ll see.)

And what’s more surprising, is that the Democrats have aligned themselves with these deep state puppetmasters. They’ve cast their lot with the sinister stewards of the national security state and hopped on the impeachment bandwagon. But is that a wise choice for the Dems?


A Monster Eating the Nation

Why do you suppose nations employ foreign ministers and ambassadors, if not to conduct conversations at the highest level with other national leaders? And might these conversations include matters of great sensitivity, that is, classified information? If you doubt that then you have no understanding of geopolitics or history.

The General Mike Flynn story is especially a crack-up. Did he accept a twenty thousand dollar speaking fee from the Russian news outlet RT in his interlude as a private citizen? How does that compare to the millions sucked in by the Clinton Foundation in pay-to-play deal when Madame was secretary of state? Or her six-figure speeches to Goldman Sachs and their ilk. Are private citizens forbidden to accept speaking fees or consulting fees from countries that we are not at war with? I’d like to know how many other alumni of the Bill Clinton, Bush-II and Obama admins have hired themselves out on this basis. Scores and scores, I would bet.


Trump to Announce $350 Billion Arms Deal During Saudi Arabia Visit
White House Will Present Sale as Targeting Iran
by Jason Ditz, May 18, 2017


$110 Billion Weapons Sale to Saudis Has Jared Kushner’s Personal Touch


The Special Counsel Comes to Town: It’s the Moscow Trials, Revisited
The witch-hunt begins
by Justin Raimondo, May 19, 2017



Ford, Trudging Into the Future, Ousts Mark Fields as C.E.O.

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  1. Huh. I posted yesterday’s piece at the top of this thread just now. I saw it probably 9am EST yesterday.

  2. trump’s daughter is cute. i’d slap her ass and put my dick in her mouth. those saudi dudes are thinking pretty much the same thing.

  3. where’s waldo? that’s what that picture reminds me of. what is that picture of? looks fucked up, whatever’s going on there.

  4. i think that’s from “Sleeper”, a WA classic. i waffle between “comic genius” and just plain stupid. in hindsight, a lot of WA’s stuff appears to be just plain stupid. liked the “orgasmatron” however, always wanted one of those.

  5. Gail Tverberg says:
    May 27, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    The thing that people missed is the fact that the problem that occurs is low prices, not high. That problem started in force in mid 2014.

    Once that problem hits, it takes a few years for the low prices to translate into real problems for the oil exporting countries. Also, even with low prices, the price is high enough that oil companies, themselves, can sort of (barely) get by. The big problem is that taxes cannot be high enough for oil exporters. Furthermore, investment in new infrastructure cannot be high enough, without a lot of debt. Buyers of oil actually do better, given the low oil prices.

    So the next stage is still clearly still around, but it does not look like the high price problem most were forecasting. It is likely a financial problem, or an oil exporter problem (uprising, not enough electricity). There is going to be a big problem fairly soon, it is not certain exactly when, however.

    It also takes a while to figure out how bad intermittent renewables really are.

  6. of course, the knock-on effects of the predicted auto industry collpase will be hard to distingusih from the overall economic collapse due to resources extraction expense. they go hand-in-hand over the seneca cliff, like poor Thelma and Louise.

  7. not sure how many different ways jhk can say the same thing, over and over. the usa is going down the shit tubes and there’s not a fucking thing that anyone can do about it…

  8. yeah, JHK does get repetitive these days. apparently there is a mob of former deep-staters that are now out of power and not liking the situation. normally, they would find other employment, but maybe there’s no jobs for them now? anyhoo, Trump is installing his own gang, that looks to be doing the same stuff, only different employees. kinda like when there’s a hostile takeover of a business. because of the dems plotting a comeback and with the MSM still under their control, there is a lot of “fake news” about Russians stealing elections, etc. that they keep drumming on about.

  9. hey GB, these are tanks full of brewed beer, or empty tanks to be installed at a brewery down river? they look like those expendable rocket boosters for the space shuttle. since they are so well insulated, there must be beer inside, no? is the Genesse brand any good? never heard of them.

  10. Dr. Doom, those are fermentation tanks – empty for now. Too big (60′ x 20′) for over the road so on the barge canal they go. Genessee beer is or was big on college campuses in upstate area. Not bad but college kids not known for discriminating tastes, either.

  11. i’m down in DC serving on a science panel. having dinner with EE this evening. off tomorrow for a weekend in NYC. still jet lagged from the flight here on Tuesday.

  12. “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”

    per the Wiki: When [Rutger] Hauer performed the scene, the film crew applauded and some even cried.

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