Oldest Homo sapiens fossils discovered in Morocco



James Comey, American hero [sigh]
by Damon Linker


Comey and Mueller: Russiagate’s Mythical Heroes
COLEEN ROWLEY • JUNE 8, 2017 • 1,300 WORDS

Coleen Rowley, a retired FBI special agent and division legal counsel whose May 2002 memo to then-FBI Director Robert Mueller exposed some of the FBI’s pre-9/11 failures, was named one of TIME magazine’s “Persons of the Year” in 2002. Her 2003 letter to Robert Mueller in opposition to launching the Iraq War is archived in full text on the NYT and her 2013 op-ed entitled “Questions for the FBI Nominee” was published on the day of James Comey’s confirmation hearing. This piece will also be cross-posted on Rowley’s Huffington Post page.


CrowdStrike, The DNC’s Security Firm, Was Under Contract With The FBI

Querying Putin, Kelly repeated the canard that “17 intelligence agencies” had all independently concluded that Russia indeed “interfered” — whatever that means, exactly. She then continued: “Even private, non-partisan security firms say the same… that Russia interfered with the US election.”

The most prominent “private, non-partisan security firm” is CrowdStrike, and despite Kelly’s use of the term “non-partisan” to describe the firm, its fiduciary relationship with the DNC suggests otherwise.


If Trump Is Too Ignorant to Be Guilty, He’s Too Ignorant to Be President
The Republican response to James Comey’s testimony is the weakest defense yet of the president, and as damning as any indictment.
June 8, 2017


The Silent Treatment
The curtain rises on the Comey hearing
by Max B. Sawicky


‘To Live or to Perish’
The Six-Day-War and its mythology

In early June, Israeli major-general Meir Amit, who headed the Mossad, came to Washington. Israel was dispatching many emissaries to feel out how the US would react in the event it attacked. Amit told senior American officials on June 1 that “there were no differences between the US and the Israelis on the military intelligence picture or its interpretation.”

The key findings of multiple US intelligence agencies were, #1, Nasser was not going to attack—

North: And #2, Israel will trounce him if he did attack.

Exactly. President Johnson told Israelis at the end of May, “our best judgment is that no military attack on Israel is imminent,” and even if, against all odds, the neighboring Arab states did attack, “you will whip the hell out of them.” Amit confirmed on his early June trip to Washington that Israeli intelligence was in full agreement.

North: Meanwhile I was watching TV: Will Israel survive? And the rabbis are getting all whipped up.

The Israeli people and American Jews, they were scared. But not the leadership. In his biography of Syrian strongman Hafez al-Assad, the historian Patrick Seale titled his chapter on the ‘67 war, The Six-Day Walkover. That’s what it was, a walkover.

In fact, the war did not last six days; it lasted closer to six minutes. Once Israeli planes in a surprise blitzkrieg knocked out the Egyptian air force still parked on the ground, the war was over. Rostow later called it a “turkey shoot.” If the war lasted longer, it was only because Israel wanted to conquer the Egyptian Sinai, the Jordanian West Bank, and the Syrian Golan Heights.


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  1. one of the more common objections to the results of various animal models and population observations is that humans are “different”. they are rational. they can employ logic, etc.

    of course, they employ the same logic as mice, yeast, reindeer and everything else; then rationalize their actions as needed. sometimes, these rationalizations are elegant and beautiful. most times, however, they amount to smashing something with a rock; which has a beauty all its’ own. i’d say…

  2. one of the main purposes of all religions is to promote and reinforce the idea that humans are unique, and therefore above all physical laws. they promote beliefs in magic and wishful thinking, i.e., miracles can happen when you wish upon a star, pray hard enough, etc. this way of thinking gives us carte banche to do truly evil and unethical acts, because “we special”. such hypocrisy.

    Jesus would weep if he was alive to see what people have done and continue to do in his name. Same goes for the Buddha, Mohammed, etc. just knowing their teachings does not equate to living up to them.

  3. The Uniqueness of Humans video is good.

    “There are no innocent bystanders – what are they doing there in the first place?”
    – William S. Burroughs

  4. a local fire chief with 4 young kids bought me lunch on Friday to hear my views on collapse after a mutual friend told him to contact me. so i told him it could happen anytime now, probably sooner than later, and the most he could hope for is can-kicking to 2025-2030. if he wants to survive it, i told him the best bet was probably a provisioned sail boat (with small diesel) that he and his family lives on, to protect it 24-7-365. when it hits or looks near, he needs to sail it someplace where he knows he may have a chance to survive, which certainly is not here on Oahu. he owns some beach property and drives a Leaf. i told him to sell the property soon, while it still has value. he seemed agreeable to that move. also gave him the club.orlov blog site and told him to read it and some of his books, as Orlov expects to survive the crash via his boat.

    he has done well financially, so his wife does not have to work, but they need to stop pumping out kids, IMO. OTOH, if fed, those kids could end up as ship’s crew and at least maintain watch on the boat, if not sail it and learn to farm, also. big families were a plus for farming families in the non-industrial past.

  5. i always kind of like these “dead mall” videos. i wish that jhk would get hold of some and provide some commentary.

  6. wiki sez:
    During World War II, a gas mixture including carbon monoxide was used to keep motor vehicles running in parts of the world where gasoline and diesel fuel were scarce. External (with a few exceptions) charcoal or wood gas generators were fitted, and the mixture of atmospheric nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and small amounts of other gases produced by gasification was piped to a gas mixer. The gas mixture produced by this process is known as wood gas….
    Carbon monoxide is produced from the partial oxidation of carbon-containing compounds; it forms when there is not enough oxygen to produce carbon dioxide (CO2), such as when operating a stove or an internal combustion engine in an enclosed space. In the presence of oxygen, including atmospheric concentrations, carbon monoxide burns with a blue flame, producing carbon dioxide.[11] Coal gas, which was widely used before the 1960s for domestic lighting, cooking, and heating, had carbon monoxide as a significant fuel constituent. Some processes in modern technology, such as iron smelting, still produce carbon monoxide as a byproduct.[12]

  7. I’m always being a lot of CO in our high vacuum background. assume it’s from the C in the steel getting hot and oxidized by the filaments in there.

  8. I’ve watched exactly 4 minutes of the Dead Mall video. That is the best thing I have ever seen.

  9. doom, i’m not even interested enough to watch it. i really, truly, don’t give a single shit about 9/11…

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