This is kinda cool:

CNN is being accused of blackmailing a pro-Trump Reddit user (HanAssholeSolo) for posting things it didn’t like


Opioid addiction rates far exceed growth of medically assisted treatment


Please Don’t Murder Us
A new initiative to beam messages into space may be
our best shot yet at learning whether we’re alone in the
universe. There’s just one problem: What if we’re not?
JUNE 28, 2017


Volvo, Betting on Electric, Moves to Phase Out Conventional Engines

“Our customers are asking more and more about electric cars,” Hakan Samuelsson, the chief executive of Volvo, said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. While Volvo’s strategy has risks, Mr. Samuelsson acknowledged, “a much bigger risk would be to stick with internal combustion engines.”

Though based in Sweden, Volvo is owned by Geely Automobile Holdings of China, which already produces battery-powered cars for the Chinese market. The decision by Volvo to focus on electric vehicles could ultimately give it and Geely a head start if, as many analysts expect, sales of battery powered cars begin to take off. China is already the largest market for electric vehicles.


Kamala Harris’s Rise Among Democrats (make sure you click on the Too Short link. Hahahaaaaa!)

Like the Senate newcomers Barack Obama or Marco Rubio before her, Ms. Harris — a 52-year-old former prosecutor with a profane streak, a lawyerly aversion to “false choices” and an affection for the rapper Too Short — has insisted that national aspirations are far from her mind.

Like those men, she has not exactly ruled out the possibility, either.

Unlike those men, she is not a man, a fact that has figured prominently in her introduction to mass audiences in a recurring (and highly rated) television series: Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing Into Possible Trump Ties to Russia.


E.M. Cioran – Fall Into Time


26 Replies to “HanAssholeSolo”

  1. nice summary statement of present predicament.

    Gail Tverberg says:
    July 8, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    “I have been saying that our problem now is low energy prices, brought on by too little “demand” for oil and other energy prices. The way you get demand up is by (1) adding more debt, or (2) adding more wages. Adding more wages is often the consequence of adding more debt. Thus, I think I am using the same chicken-egg story that you are talking about. Without enough demand, the whole system collapses.

    We will have collapse, because prices fall too low for producers, because of low affordability. When this collapse comes, it will look like a financial collapse, because of too much debt.

    The thing that would have prevented this would have been a rapidly growing supply of much cheaper energy. This rapidly growing supply of energy would have allowed more leveraging of human labor. When this happened, workers would have become more and more productive. The growing productivity of human labor would have prevented the whole problem. This cannot happen when energy prices are high. I expect the maximum supportable oil price is something like $20 per barrel. The supply also needs to be increasing. In a networked system, it is possible to have two effects going on at the same time.”

    Gail and JR were the first I know of to recognize this demand problem in print, on The Oil Drum blog.

  2. yeah, the more i think about gt’s thesis the less i buy into it. to me, demand is not perfectly elastic. at some point there is a demand floor, some base level below which industrial civilization cannot function. i don’t know what that level is, maybe 95 mbpd? when supply cannot meet this this base level of demand, there will be price shocks that will destabilize the entire system, and lead to localized dieoffs, thus once again lowering demand.

    this process will be repeated, rapidly. the resulting chaos will destroy the system over a 10 to 20 year period.

    the masses will begin to be aware of their impossible situation in september or october of 2024, when mass starvation hits the eastern seaboard. there will be calls for for blood, both domestically and internationally. there will be ongoing, massive, efforts to stabilize the system. huge swaths of humanity will be cut off completely from struggling, failing, falling into pieces, industrialism.

    by 2034, everything will be over. there will be maybe 1 billion people worldwide. they will continue to live and reproduce in a hugely degraded environment. they will reproduce, but not multiply. by 2134, there will be maybe a million humans, existing in the most favorable environments.

    i don’t know after that…

  3. dave, where can i go to make it to 2034? your farm in rural Virginia? i’ll be 84 years old, with bad knees, but you could prop me up in the fields as a scarecrow. just get me a big hat and some botted water.

  4. “ZK as my homepage has just been re-certified with the posting of the video by Dr.Smil.”

    Yessssss!!! Finally something is going right for me.

  5. Joke:

    Subject: Mildred

    Mildred, the church gossip, and self-
    appointed monitor of the church’s morals,
    kept sticking her nose into other people’s

    Several members did not approve of her
    extra- curricular activities, but feared her
    enough to maintain their silence.

    She made a mistake, however, when she
    accused Frank, a new member, of being an
    alcoholic after she saw his old pickup
    parked in front of the town’s only bar one

    She emphatically told Frank (and several
    others) that every one seeing it there would
    know what he was doing.

    Frank, a man of few words, stared at her
    for a moment and just turned and walked
    away. He didn’t explain, defend, or deny.
    He said nothing.

    Later that evening, Frank quietly parked his
    pickup in front of Mildred’s house …
    walked home …. .and left it there all night.

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