this is the view from my dooryard. it always make me think of that old walt whitman poem about lillacs blooming in his dooryard, cause that’s what happens to me. that’s a picture of my lillacs, above.

in this picture,  just above,  you can see the gang of two, and a single hen. this is where it all happens: murder, mayhem, sex, rape, repast. this is what i wake up to.  this where me and the dog take our first piss of the morning.  this is where the gang of two do their “best” work.


the dog.

another small word on chicken sex, their mating rituals. there is nothing there that we, humans, might consider to be a ritual. but whatever it is, it seems to work just fine for them, the chickens. who am i, or any of us, to judge?  but, it’s not like a rooster “courts” a hen in some fashion. it’s not disney sex. it’s kinda what we, in our rarefied atmosphere, might call primal.

in the dooryard, where i might throw down some cracked corn, and where me and the dog take our morning, respective, piss, the chickens eat and have sex.

it kinda goes like this: a rooster spots a hen that’s not paying attention. she’s engrossed in her cracked corn. so he jumps on her. grabs her by the neck, of course. he pins hers down and begins to rub his ass, vigorously, against hers’. the mechanics of this were explained elsewhere. anyhow, of course, she protests this violation, also in a vigorous manner, until she realizes the futility of her situation, and acquiesces. c .  she’s stuck, head down, ass up. this is where the gang of two steps in, where they do their best work.

more, some other time…

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  1. so, these chickens have sex like two lesbians, a lot of genital rubbing, but no penetration. have I got that correct? amazing that the hens get impregnated at all.

  2. so my wife is taking the day off from work. we got a new puppy on Sunday, a border collie, all black & while fur about 1 foot in total length. I think she forgot that young puppies behave a lot like human babies, all 24-7. she’s tired because the puppy kept her up all night, with periodic wake ups and whining. probably misses mommy and daddy dog.

    I recall this military study on lack of continuous sleep. they would wake the subjects every so often, leading to sleep deprivation. kinda like being in the hospital or raising a baby during the first year. fucking hospital staff wake you to take some moronic measurements of your vital signs in the middle of the night. I hate that BS.

    1. yeah, i have a bunch of crape myrtle. i’ll take some pictures when they bloom.

      i have a couple of trees on my property that i can’t at all figure out what they are. they look to me cottonwood, have the flower structure of a catalpa, and the seed pod shape of a crepe myrtle. any ideas?

  3. cottonwood bark: rough, 3-dimensional, white with gray areas in cracks. leaves are light green, thin, roundish. they get big, 30-40+ feet, especially if watered. they will find water with deep tap roots.

    1. don’t cotton woods get their name from producing those cotton like tufts wich make their seeds blow around? these trees don’t do that.

    1. Kinda like the Ginko trees (very popular in DC at one time). It’s only the females that produce the barf-like-smelling fruit.

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