Crude Oil

Crude Oil

January 2019

Fracking in 2018: Another Year of Pretending to Make Money

January 2018

T. Boone Pickens Calls It Quits

August 2017

Oil Is Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy
Pushing fossil fuels is the administration’s top priority


October 2014

These 6 Countries Will Be Screwed If Oil Prices Keep Falling

IEA: Nearly 3% Of Output Vulnerable If Oil Falls To $80

A tumble in the price from the year’s high above $115 per barrel to below $90 has focused investors and oil companies once again on the breakeven level – the point at which net return on a project turns positive.

“All told, roughly 2.6 million barrels per day of world crude oil production comes from projects with a breakeven price in excess of $80 per barrel,” the report said on Tuesday.

“Canadian synthetics (oil sands) projects have the highest percentage of production of the types examined here (about 25 percent) that would fall into a negative net present value if there were to be an extended period of prices below that level,” the report said.

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Price ‘Manipulation’ Could Sink The Russian Economy

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