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August 2017

Why the Pentagon Falls for Elon Musk’s Gimmicks
Bureaucrats focus on cost rather than quality.
By JEFF ISAAK • August 2, 2017


2017 – February

Tesla is enjoying an epic stock surge

Short sellers are piling into Tesla


Tesla Q3 Earnings Live: Shares Rise, Strong Outlook for ’15 Even While Model X Faces More Delays

In setting the outlook for 2015, the company made it clear that specific targets wouldn’t be forthcoming until its year-end report next month. That said, it shared some critical tidbits that are newsworthy. While skeptics have, for example, questioned how strong demand is for the Model S alone, Tesla is confident the vehicle still has plenty of room to grow. With the revised target of 33,000 sedans for 2014, Tesla is betting on close to 50,000 for next year. “We are confident of a 50% increase in both net orders and deliveries for Model S alone in 2015,” the company wrote.

To get there, of course, Tesla will need to continue growing production and it plans to do that, getting past the 2,000 vehicle per week mark by year end of 2015. This isn’t new information, but rather a reiteration of a goal CEO Elon Musk has stated in the past. Putting these numbers into context, Tesla will need to deliver more than 10,000 vehicles this quarter alone to hit its revised target. To deliver 50,000 Model S sedans would require an average of 25% more than that each quarter next year. Add in the Model X at mid-year and you can see why the company says: “We expect our annual production will increase by over 50% in 2014, again in 2015 and probably for several years to follow.”

Tesla Just Unveiled The Future Of Driving – Oct. 10th, 2014

Richard Florida Slams Tesla’s Nevada Battery Factory Deal
Sept. 15th, 2014

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