No. You Don’t.

Even Nissan Has Decided That Today’s Battery-Only Cars Are A Dead End

Vice Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada, the “father of the Prius” who helped put hybrids on the map, said he believes fuel-cell vehicles hold far more promise than battery electric cars.
“Because of its shortcomings — driving range, cost and recharging time — the electric vehicle is not a viable replacement for most conventional cars,” said Uchiyamada. “We need something entirely new.”

No. You don’t.

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  1. it’s pretty obvious that honolulu is going mass transit in a big way. the bus justs keeps growing in size (now double buses are popular, like small trams) and in ridership. the rail is well on its way thanks to a combo of the late senator dan’s fed funds and lobbying by de local construction industry.

    there’s still a lot of cars, becuase there’s still a lot of rich and middle class folks with the bucks to afford $4+ gas. mopeds and bikes are gaining in popularity with the poorer folks. meanwhile, the heavily travelled roads are looking and feeling moron third world. some lanes are avoided because even the SUV has a hard time, and we go through tires very fast out here.

  2. “In the meantime, the attention of automotive executives in Asia, Europe and North America is beginning to swing toward an unusual but promising new alternate power source: hydrogen.”

    ha ha ha ha ha.

  3. Doom this reminds me. Did you hear the Japanese are now going big in research for ocean bottom methane hydrate capture? I wonder why?

  4. Japan and South Korea have discovered a huge methane hydrate resource in the East Sea, that they own 50:50. it is in fairly deep water, but no steep slopes to fail and cause tsunamis. they think they have an extraction solution, so that is why they are ramping up the R&D there. my guess is if they get greedy and expoit the shallower, steeper portions, they will eventally trigger a slump and tsunami. greed is bad. they must demonstrate the wisdom of the buddha.

  5. this is a protype that i’m working on in my jet propulsion labratory. i’m figuring on changing the world with this one.

  6. i had to turn down the sound. his loud screaming “fuck”s were disturbing the rest of the household.

    there’s actually worse cactus than that one. on the northern Mojave, and in the Sonoran desert to the southeast, there is a variety with inflatable thorns, like hypodermic needles, but fatter. if you even brush up against it, a piece of the cactus will break off and stick in you. the thorns are long and will penetrate shoe leather (personal experience). once inside, the thorns pull water from your body and swell, making them very hard to pull out. in a word: nasty. while hunting, i would spot them and take the long way around them, if possible.

  7. Hey JR. French Foreign Legion has dropped into northern Mali to do the mop-up nasty work. You could have joined. Oh well.

  8. Love, Forever Changes…it’s been a long time. Bought that LP when it was first released.

    Influence of Love (from the Wiki):

    Today, the band’s critical reputation exceeds the limited success they experienced during their time, their 1967 album Forever Changes being held in particularly high regard. The band’s influence extends beyond the realm of 1960s psychedelia to such punk and post-punk bands as Television Personalities and The Jesus and Mary Chain, whose William Reid wore a Love t-shirt in his band’s video for “Head On” from their Automatic album. The Damned covered “Alone Again Or” on the album Anything, and the Swedish band The Hellacopters covered “A House Is Not A Motel”. Love have also influenced many 1960s inspired Top 40 UK acts, including The Stone Roses, The Bluetones, Shack, The Stands, Primal Scream and Ricky, whose mini-album, You Set The Scene was named after a song on Forever Changes.[citation needed]

    In tribute, Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant cites Forever Changes as one of his favorite albums ever.[4] A tribute album We’re All Normal And We Want Our Freedom: Tribute To Arthur Lee & Love was released in 1994.

    Jim Morrison’s 1967 personal biography for Elektra lists one of his favourite bands as Love.

  9. I could do this wing suit thing. Where do I sign up? I’m serious.

    Interesting about Love. I don’t really know them, I will have to investigate. I’m kind of into Chinese Man and wingsuits though.

    Dave totally agree on Thee Oh Sees. Someone actually recently sent me a vinyl record including them and other bands on the label, for my birthday. The record was a powder yellow color. It looks edible but it isn’t. It was a remake of Velvet Underground Andy Warhol (with the banana on the cover). It’s OK.

  10. “The Navy has embarked upon an initiative called the “Great Green Fleet” in which they would deploy a strike group on all alternative fuels by 2016.”

    – See more at:

    what did the Spanish call their great fleet? The Armada? the US military is actually pretty clueless about alternative energy. nevermind though, they have the guns, so they’ll get theirs, no matter.

  11. all i know about wingsuiting, and just about everthing else for that matter, comes from what i see on youtube.

  12. unexpected weather sank the spanish armada, and before that, the great chinese fleet. until now, that was the last great fleet the chinese ever had. i’ll bet climate change may sink the great green fleet, as well.

  13. Flying squirrels are the best gliders. If you’ve ever seen them up close you will agree. I’ve never seen one slam into the side of a bridge either.

  14. here’s a real-life version of the Betty Boop cartoon:

    this was one of the first articles, where they report the victim’s relatives hinting about “damages” from the zoo. later, it turned out the boys were taunting the tiger in it’s enclosure, by yelling at it and throwing objects inside like foreign tree branches, bricks, rocks, etc. later found inside. the tiger got pissed off, and surprised everyone by leaping out of the enclosure and proceeding to take its revenge.

    the sad part was they killed the tiger. i would have given the tiger a nice treat for doing such a fine job of defending herself. too bad she didn’t get the chance to get to all of them before they murdered her.

  15. i thought for a moment, judging from the title, that there was a contest. it was actually more like “oh look, a long sausage is swimming my way, what luck!”

  16. cocks and allegators are fearless. as adults, they have no predators except larger specimens of themselves (and humans, of course). on land they are formidable, in the water they are invincible. maybe adult hippos can give them trouble. it would depend on the size of the crock.

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